A World With No Moms

Is it time to stop being a mother? Is being a mother redundant? Is being a mother bad for the environment? Many environmental experts are suggesting just that. In fact the idea that it is time for all mothers to become obsolete has been consolidated in a movement known as the childfree movement.
Can you imagine a world where there is no moms anymore because it becomes law to have sex with birth control. That could happen according to professor Hans Tammermagi, adjunct professor in the School of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. He says that making changes like using public transit or recycling are minor compared to what we can do for the environment simply by stopping breeding.
I find this a little disturbing, not only because I write a blog about moms and need an audience but because I am not so sure that the right to be a mom is something that should be controlled by law. For instance look what goes on in China. China has had one child laws for sometimes. This has brought that problem all kinds of ethical problems such as gender selective abortion, infanticide and forced sterilization. What I really don't like as well is the way sexism can play into this – with little girl babies being killed first.
Overpopulation might be a big problem but the human race has to go on somehow. Although I see the point of limiting the global population and the good it would do the environment we are not really factoring in what could happen if there was a world disaster and the human population was largely wiped out. We could be dealing with a situation where we need more humans to fight some kind of war or plight and just do not have them on hand.
My point is that children are not the problem. We are the problem. It is especially problematic that we don't teach our children to do things like recycle, turn the lights off and ride their bikes to work. Instead we teach them values that are wasteful – like eating fast-food, driving the biggest shiniest car and using cell phones.
Children can grow up to be adults. That is the real problem and the real crux behind the agenda of the childfree movement.
There are too many problems associated with stopping people from having children altogether. Furthermore it is a biological directive that is natural and hard to stop. Second of all if children are not allowed they could become big commodities on some kind of black market. The thought of trading children, paying money for them or raising them in secrecy to save the world is just too much for this adoring mom to bear.