Foods You Should Avoid Feeding Babies

Between the ages of four months and one year there are some foods that should be avoided. This is true of these foods regardless of whether you are buying them commercially or trying to puree them while making your own home made baby food.

Babies from 1 month to a year old should ONLY eat egg yolk as eating egg white is highly allergenic. Babies need the B Vitamins in egg yolk to develop healthy eyesight, skin and hair.

Cow's Milk
Your baby cannot digest the protein in the cow's milk in the first year. Feeding your child cow's milk can damage his or her kidneys. Feed your baby breast milk which is much easier on their developing systems.

Soy Milk
Introducing soy milk to your child in the first year can create a soy allergy. It can also damage his or her kidneys. Breast milk is the answer. If you absolutely have to be vegetarian and can't breast feed then rice or almond milk is okay but make sure you consult your doctor to see if vitamin supplementation is needed to make up for the lower protein and vitamin content of these milks.

Honey sounds like a health food but it is exactly the opposite for an infant.
Honey can contain spores of Clostridium botulinum, which causes botulism. An adult’s intestinal tract can prevent the growth of these spores, but in a baby the spores can grow and produce life-threatening toxins.

Also remember to stay away from foods that have mold, bruises or decay as they could have toxins in them that could harm your child and even cause food poisoning. • Look for locally grown produce. Fruits and vegetables that are grown far away require after-harvest pesticides and waxes to help them survive the long trip to the grocery store.