Blood Pressure and Female Hormones

There are all kinds of different severe problems that can be associated with high blood pressure.
For instance, men who suffer from high blood pressure will sometimes suffer from erectile dysfunction as well as a result of damage to the arteries that transport blood to the penis to enable and sustain an erection. The effects in women can be just as bad. The clitoris never becomes stimulated enough for a female to have an orgasm.
Some women will suffer increased blood pressure as a result of pregnancy, a condition which can sometimes continue for a number of weeks after the baby had been born. Generally speaking, high blood pressure of this nature is likely to be nothing more than temporary, although if it does persist for anything more than a few weeks after your baby is born, you need to seek medical advice.
On the other hand, if you already suffer from high blood pressure, it is perfectly possible and feasible to enjoy a completely normal pregnancy and birth, although once again, seeking medical advice as soon as possible after discovering your pregnancy is an absolute must.
Hormone replacement therapy is another thing to be a little wary of in terms of high blood pressure, because HRT generally includes estrogen which is a hormone that is known to increase blood pressure.
At the same time, an increase in blood pressure at or around the time you start HRT does not necessarily mean that it is a hormone replacement therapy that has caused an increase in pressure.
Dealing with this stuff is natural side-effect of growing older that your blood pressure goes up, so they could be an element of ageing involved in the increased pressure that comes on around the time you start HRT.
In a similar way, many oral contraceptive pills contain estrogen as well, so using oral contraceptives of this particular type can also pose a risk of increased blood pressure too.
One final important consideration is that if you are a diabetes sufferer, high blood pressure can be a very serious problem indeed. As a diabetic, the risk of suffering heart problems, strokes and kidney disease are increased whilst having high blood pressure has the potential to exacerbate these problems still further. Hence, if you are a diabetic, high blood pressure is a condition that you need to seek treatment for as soon as possible.