The Indigo Child Test

The more I investigate this Indigo Child theory the more I am convinced that I have at least two Indigo children.
Are you the parent of an Indigo Child? Take this quiz, which is based on the indigo children's book written by Wendy Chapman (the founder of Metagifted) to define indigo child traits.
Answer Yes or No to the following questions.
1. Do you know that your child is smart but he or she seems to be failing or not achieving his or her potential?
2. Is your child imaginative and creative and good with his or her hands?
3. Is your child and always asking questions before agreeing to do anything?
4. Is your child intolerant of repetitive tasks to the point where he or she will throw a tantrum?
5. Is your child a rebel who always questions authority to the point they are always getting in trouble?
6. Does your child seem depressed, solemn or old beyond his or her years?
7. Is your kid more comfortable when he or she is the boss and is in charge of what happens from minute to minute?
8. Does he or she work better alone than with a team of people?
9. Does your child experience fits of rage but the rest of time seems cold or impassive.
10. Does your child say things that sometimes seem psychic or prophetic?
11. Is your child especially terrified of legal, educational or medical environments?
12. Are your child easily distracted and a bad reader?
13. Is your child impulsive and prone to doing things that might cost you a lot of money without warning?
14. Does your child claim to see spirits or chat a lot to an imaginary friend?
15. Does your child seem to be on a mission or seem to want to change things in the world?
16. Does your child talk about people watching us or seem paranoid at times.
17. Does your child complain of feeling lonely and then isolate him or herself from other peole.
18. Does your child have a lot of nightmares?
19. Does your child seem very much in the middle when it comes to his or her sexuality without seeming to be very male or female?
20. Does your child show absolutely no curiosity or interest in sex?

If you can answer yes to at least ten of these correctly questions then chances are you are the proud parent of one of the many blue children that being born in greater numbers every year. This means your child is talented, smart and even psychic but it can also mean that your child could have a rocky start in life.