Herbs for First Aid

When you have a medical emergency you can also look to herbal remedies for First



When it comes to an emergency such as insect bite and sting your best course of action is to make a compress out of charcoal. This can be immediately applied to the bite or sting to help reduce inflammation. The herb lobelia is also helpful.


You can also buy calendula ointment in natural health food stores to soothe stings and bites.


Otherwise your best bet is to not be bit in the first place. Goldenseal and tea tree oil are natural insecticides. Pennyroyal oil is also an insecticide.


To repel insects try burning citronella candles or you can buy commercial bug repellent oil prepared for the skin to keep away bugs.


Everyone at one time or another suffers from this painful condition that is caused by too much exposure to the sun or even minimal exposure to the sun while taking drugs that cause photosensitivity such as antibiotics or antidepressants.


Probably the most effective herbal treatment for sunburn is aloe vera, which is a remarkably great treatment for any kind of burn. You can simply take pulp from the fresh plant and apply it as needed.


You can also buy salves for sunburn that are made of calendula and St. John Wort, which can help to soothe the pain and promote healing.


Taking a bath that contains six drops of chamomile oil or lavender oil will also help to soothe sunburned skin.


A cotton gauze soaked in gotu kola tea can also help reduce the inflammation from sunburn.


Supplementing your child's with horsetail, which is a good source of silica, can help aid in tissue repair.


If you have a toothache you should see a dentist immediately. However there are a few herbal remedies that can be helpful for the pain and inflammation in the meantime.


Calendula, chamomile, peppermint and yarrow are all natural anti-inflammatory so rinsing your mouth with the tinctures or teas of these herbs may help.


Clove oil is helpful for toothache pain. Apply one or two drops with a cotton swab as needed.


Alcohol free goldenseal extract can be used as an antibacterial mouthwash until you can get yourself  or your kid to the dentist