More Great Green Things

There is nothing nicer than a scented hand poured soy candle, The reason soy candles are so great is that they last a really long time which saves energy and money. They simply burn slower than paraffin candles. Another bonus is that the scent is so rich. The soy absorbs any type of aromatherapy well. The best part of all is that they are inexpensive and you can get them yourselves.


The It's A Soy Candles are gourmet natural wax candles and they come in all kinds of different scents with natural cotton wicks including lavender and tangerine, ylang ylang and jasmine, orange and lemon, lavender and fir and golden honey. You can get them in tumblers or poured as wax in jars.


If you got to the online store called Green is Black you will see that wearing burlap is cool again but it is a joke. This is a clothing company that has made it their goal to try and achieve a zero carbon footprint while at the same time making soft, sensuous and beautiful clothing. It is also their goal to get rid of what they call the burlap cliché which means that natural clothing is not always that attractive.


A look at what this natural clothing site has for sale confirms that they may have met their girl. There are lots of long black gowns and short black cocktail dresses on this site and they have some very unique design details that do not give them that frumpy look that is so identified with Green Fashion. Details seen on these clothes are sashes, three quarter sleeves, cowl necks and strapless backs.


At ZD net a blogger attended a big Gadget Expo at Stanford University and was delighted to note just how many of the new inventions presented were green. One green product that was presented was biodegradable plastic cutlery which is distinguished by the cameral color of the plastic.


Another great invention was a backpack that was outfitted with solar panels. This way you can ensure that all of your gadgetry is fully charged at all times even if you are backpacking with your kids out in the woods for just a little while. You never know these days when an emergency situation could hit.


One ingenious invention is an LED light system that charges through a regular socket or through a solar panel. It can then not only be used as a light source but it can also be used as an energy source for which you can charge other devices with batteries.