Green Nursing Bras

These bras are sold at ecomama and including panties Are you an Eco Mamma. There is actually a web site named that which caters to the hot new mommy who wants to look, smell and feel sexy even tough she just recently gave birth and has to nurse all day. There are lots of organic products like nipple butter and uplifting aromatic oils.

There is nothing more natural in the human life cycle. Than feeding your baby and ecologically concerned moms know this too. This is why they might actually ant to try an ecologically correct nursing bra such as the ones made by Bravado! They sell these at eco mama and they are good because they are made out of the healthiest type of cotton available.

These bras are made out of all natural products and come in two colors – vanilla and butterscotch. The butterscotch color is typical of the bras that are not bleached. As the fabric is not treated it sometimes varies in color giving a look like it has been stained with caramel.

It does not get any LESS toxic than this when it comes to clothing in general. . The fabric also has moisture wicking properties which as many nursing mother knows is very important as it is crucial for keeping saliva, milk and sweat in check. It is the best bra to wear in the summer because it will flick the moisture away from your skin. It is also very odor free and so easily washed as the fabric is natural cotton.

Reviews of these bras show that most new mom are pretty happy with them. Most moms talk aobut how comfortable and easy they are to wear because they have a cool breathability to them. I can vouch for this and in fact I found the bra to be so comfortable that I was wearing it long after I needed to. It is nice to have an unstructured bra like this that you can get some wear out of for a long time. I must say that it is one of the most comfortable and most often worn of all of my bras.

These bras are a relief to most mothers because they are so comfortable. Most women end up wearing them after their pregnancy is over as well simply because they are so light, simply constructed and washable. The bras do have enough structure to give you a flattering figure though and you can wear them under something like a cocktail dress.

There are also panties available that match the bras. Also these bras are the number one choice of the cool, ecologically minded and fashionable celebrity mammas out there and they have been seen in the tabloid magazines wearing them. Many celebrities have endorsed these bras including Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Garner.