Unlucky Baby Names

I was talking to this numerologist on Kasamba called Samantha Stevens (not her real name) and we got on the discussion of unlucky baby names. If you are trying to name a baby then you might be interested in what she had to say.

Numerologists use a values system to see what a person's name adds up to and this ends up being what is called the Life Expression number.

Perhaps the unluckiest number a name's letter values can add up to is a 4. You should avoid also having a component of the name such as the first, middle or last name adding up to a 4 as well. This is because this is a number that is equated with struggles, challenges and poverty

Female names that add up to a 4 include Arianna, Gretel Elvira, Inga, Joan, Star, Lourdes, Nicole, Robin, Trixie and Joan. Male names that add up to a 4 include Dexter, Donovan, Gene, Herbert, Blake, Jude, Kirk, Regis, Solomon and Rudolph. These names reduce down to a 3 +1 value that is considered to be very unfortunate.

However if you a 4 name that adds up to a 22 then the name will be much luckier. A good example of this is the name Oprah, which actually did add up to a 4. The famous television host's name was originally a name from the Bible that was supposed to be spelled Orpah. Either way her name would to add up to 4, but it is a 4 that reduces down from the number 22. The number 22 is the number of the Master Builder, which is very fortunate. It is the fours that equate from 13 that are unluckier.

According to Samantha you also need to avoid names beginning with the number 6 as it also indicates a life where the person has a lot of responsibilities and interference from family. If you want your child not to be a burden to you or vice versa avoid naming the girls Connie, Ethel, Phoebe, Traci, Andie, Bridgit, Dawn, Ginger, Kim and Paula, Unlucky number 6 names for boys include Wade, Clive, Ian, Dirk, Dustin, Fabio, Sam, Seth, Victor, Howie and Arden.

The next worst number to have a child's name to add up to would probably be a 7. Although this is the number of genius it is also a number that can mean that you are raising a real weirdo. Number 7 names for girls include Cher, Ellie, Goldie, Andréa, Pearl, Isabella, Jacqueline, Tabitha, Victoria and Alana. Unlucky number 7 names for guys include Clifton, Basil, Brad, Kevin, Derik, Jack, Thor, Maddox, Richard, and Willard.

Names that add up to a number 5 can mean that the child might have difficult in finding love or staying in a relationship. According to Sam you should ignore these names for girls — Elsie, Gigi, Samantha, Janet, June, Kat, Amelia, Apple and Barb. Unlucky in love names. Names that are unlucky in love for boys include Number 5 names for males are Zack, Eldon, Lewis, Morton, Russ, Ashton, Bart, Cecil, Donald and Sheldon.