How To Buy A Barbie For Your Little Girl

There are many different Barbies on the market so it can be a bit of a challenge to choose one for your girl. Remember when all we had to do was choose either a Barbie with black hair or blonde hair. Times really have changed as there are not all kinds of Limited Edition, seasonal and other types of Barbies on the market.

When choosing a Barbie choose one that is age-appropriate. Some Barbies have arms and hands that can come off and be a choking hazard. There are special Barbies manufactured by Mattel for younger types.

There is also now a Barbie made for every child's interest or hobby. Does your kid like sewing, caring for animals, horses, aerobics and sports. Whatever your child's passion or interest is there is a Barbie to match it.

It's also pretty easy to buy the same Barbie twice. Check out which Barbies that your kid owns already. Interesting choices are occupational Barbies or ethnic Barbies. Sometimes your little girl will just tell you what Barbie is on her 'need it' list.

You can get a Barbie at just about any price nowadays. There are tons of sites online where you can get them used and new. Pick a price range that suits you and find a doll to match it. I have seen genuine Barbies being sold for as low as three bucks on auction and discount sites on the Internet.

A big no no is to get your kid a fake Barbie. I tried that once and I never heard the end of it. The doll has to be real. Make sure the doll is packaged in its favorite pink signature Barbie box as well.
If your little girl is not too old you should avoid a Barbie that comes with lots of clothes and accessories as everything will just get lost. I can't tell you how many of those little pink shoes I found stuck in the vacuum cleaner.

If your child is older you can teach her to sew by making clothes for Barbies. There are some sewing patterns on the market that allow you to make an outfit for Barbie and one for you or your daughter that matches perfectly.

Not all Barbies are ten inches high. Some of them are actually the size of a toddler. These are called My Size Barbie and they can trade clothes with a four your old. The value of this is to teach the toddler how to get dressed.

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