Helping A Mom With A New Baby

If your friend has just had a new baby then you have a wonderful opportunity to show what a great friend you can be. Here are some ideas as to how you can help her get through the next few months.

Do Some Cooking. It's time to prepare some lasagna, shepherd's pie or other foods in big batches and stow this food in her refrigerator for her. You could also do this as a group event by inviting some friends along.

Gather Take Out Menus. Get together a batch of take out menus from local healthy restaurants so she has them at her fingertips when she
wants to order out.

Serve Her Breakfast in Bed. Show up with a picnic basket full of bread, coffee, fruit salad and cheese to help nourish her during those sometimes-difficult first nursing attempts. Make sure that you phone first and arrange a convenient time. If mom is sleeping just leave it outside her door. She will be sure to find it.

Send Her Internet Links About Motherhood. Find great sites for mothers online and then add them to the bookmark section of her browser.

Do a Little Cleaning. Clean her bathroom and kitchen for her. When you have just had a new baby it is difficult to keep up with chores.

Give Her a Trip to the Spa. Give her a gift certificate for an afternoon at her favorite spa and offer to look after the kid.

Do Her Laundry. Every time you visit toss in a new load of laundry and fold whatever is there. You don't have to put it away. Just make sure it is neat and ready for her to use.

Take Any Older Children Out. If the new baby has any siblings it is always nice to just take those kids out of the house. Take them to a movie or to the park so mom and the new baby can have so time to focus on each other. You can also come over later at night and help get those kids to bed by bathing them or reading them a story.

Rent Her Some Movies. Rent her some light-hearted movies she can watch while nursing. Some new moms find watching television very relaxing. Movies like Raising Arizona or Sex in the City are good choices.