Baby Names Inspired By The 1950s

Are you one of those moms-to-be who loves those fifties cut dresses with the boat-neck, who is a fan of Mad Men and who loves Jackie-O and fabulous fifties furniture. If that is the case you might want to consider giving your newborn a name that is fifties.

You can start with the famous Dick and Jane monikers. Back then everyone could relate to Dick and Jane thanks to the popular kid's books that everyone was raised on that starred this perfect pair of friends.

You can also look to sitcoms from the fifties to find baby names. The old sitcom 'Leave It to Beaver' is a goldmine of these types of names. There is Ward, Wally and June. You probably do not want to call your girl or boy Beaver nowadays just simply because that particular little nickname does not have such a great connotation.

I love Lucy also has some great names from the fifties in it. Consider calling your kid Ricky, Ethel or Lucille. You might also want to consider the Laura, Rob, Sally and Dick that were popular from that era. Once again, watch it when you call a kid 'Dick.' It may not be the best name depending on where you live in the world.

If you are having twins you can try Marilyn and Arthur, or Marilyn and Joe after Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller or Marilyn and Joe DiMaggio. Marilyn, Arthur and Joe are all names that are very much considered to be relics of the fifties. Arthur is the intellectual reference, Marilyn is the sex goddess reference and Joe is what you will want to name your future athletic 'little slugger.'

Another great source of names from the fifties is the ultimate sit-com about the fifties which is Happy Days. Ralph, Joanie, Richie and Arthur (again) are the types of names for your baby that you cull from pop culture in this case. Who was Arthur on that sitcom you might ask? Why, that was Fonzie's (The Fonz) real name.
Other popular male names from the fifties include Bud or Buddy (from Warren Beatty, Buddy Rich and Gilligan's Island), Dean (James Dean and Dean Martin), Elvis (after Elvis Presley) Fred (from Fred McMurray), Norman Steven, Dennis, Paul, Kenneth, Donald and Joseph.

Popular fifties girls names include Patsy (from Patsy Cline), Donna (from Donna Reed), Margaret (after England's Princess Margaret), Grace (after Grace Kelly), Connie (after Connie Francis), Patty (after Patty Duke), Diane, Pamela, Janet, Shirley and Carolyn.