Travel Toys for Toddlers

Toddler travel toys are essential if you want to have a peaceful vacation trip. Of course choosing these toys can be a bit of a chore simply because what keeps one toddler happy may not entertain another.
You can usually find toddler travel toys at your local mall in the local big chain or at a toy store but you can also find them online. Some people find it easier to shop simply because everything is in one place and specialised and the selection might also be better.
Another benefit to shopping for toddler travel toys online is that you can sometimes get real deals and discounts if you spend a certain amount. For instance on some of these toddler travel toys sites you can 45% off if you can spend over a hundred dollars. Other sites like this offer discounts for people who are members of the military.
The younger the toddler is the more important it is to travel with c are seat tables. These are also known as travel trays. These trays keep toys where they belong. They help prevent you from having to bend over and retrieve toys that have fallen onto the car floor every two seconds. As every parent knows toddlers love to hurl things across the room. A toy tray might actually discourage them from doing this.
So what kind of toddler travel toys is available? There is everything from board books, to that old standby from the seventies the 'Etch a Sketch.' A more contemporary version of the etch a sketch is called the Magna Doodle.
Sometimes the best toddler travel toys are simply some stuffed animals that the baby can play pretend with. Dolls and puppets are also good for the baby who likes to act out stuff and play pretend. If these stuffed toys are small enough they can really help your toddler get through a long boring day in a car or plane seat.
Of course when it comes to toddler travel toys there are quite a few that are specifically designed for travel and they contain a lot of push buttons and interactive gimmicks to keep your toddler entertained.
You can also get soft activity toys that are called Soft blocks. You can buy these Velcro blocks separately and link them together. They can be held by your child or they can be attached to a part of the car like the door seat handle. Many of these blocks double as excellent building blocks as well.
If your child is an older toddler they might really enjoy an activity like a magnetic wooden puzzle. The magnets on the pieces prevent them from flying all over the cram, train or plane. Just make sure that you have something to carry all of these pieces in so they don't get lost en route.