Some Great Green Things

You have heard of green bath mats that are made out natural fibers like hemp and bulrushes but how about a mat that is also an aromatherapy dispersment device. This is now possible thanks to the fact that a bathmat is now being made out of a combination of vetiver and cotton fibers that have been twisted together.


Vetiver is a very old plant that is native to India. All parts of the plant are used to make quality fragrances and in fact vetiver is used in many different types of designer perfumes. To release the scent of this mat all you really have to do is simply have a shower. Heat and moisture release the scent that lies dormant in the fibers.


These objects also smell great in humid climates and could be used to perfume a house that tends to smell dank on hot days. Vetiver is also used to keep away moths!


Green manufacturers are getting better and better at making gorgeous paints from vegetable and mineral bases. A good example is the paints that are being made by Green Planet Paints.


The base of these paints are petroleum free and they have a soft sensual finish because technically this is a clay paint. It is applied like conventional paint with brushes or rollers.


These are the same paints that were used by Mayan Indians over one thousand years. There are many warm reds, deep greens, lush violets and caramel colored tones in the Green Planet Paints.


The Mexican palette of colors is great. You will absolutely love the adobe browns, greenish grays and tomato reds that this paint company makes.Green Planet Paints are also made by hand which means that there is no big plant behind the company's operating polluting the air or water and if your kid eats the paint the kid is not going to get sick!


If you want to give your child a fantastic green gift then consider buying them an organic pearl mushroom growing kit. You can get these for about twenty five dollars at Green Living Now. Chefs will enjoy this nifty way to participate in an organic gardening project and so will kids or anyone interested in maintaining nifty little gardens.


This is a bag that is moist that is filled with pasteurized straw that is impregnated with the mushroom organism known as mycelium. All you have to do is place the bag in a place with low light and cut a few slices into the plastic bag. Sometimes when you order the bag you can already see the oyster mushrooms trying to poke through the plastic.


After the indoor kit stops producing mushrooms you can use what's left in the bag to spawn new fresh mushroom growth in your garden.