Why Prepackaged Food is Bad for You

Why Prepackaged Food Is Bad For You
You might be getting upset because your kids seem to be getting fat no matter what you do. It might be due to several factors, including the serving of prepackaged food.
In other countries around the world people eat more calories than us. Everyone is thin. Throughout the world people eat tons of carbs, tons of salt, drink beer, wine, and other alcohol, eat ice cream and other deserts, have bread, yet everyone remains thin.
The reason is that no one is drinking diet sodas. No one eats low fat food. No one uses artificial sweeteners. They eat real food.
Food is produced differently in other places than in America. In America, for example, the beef is injected with bovine growth hormone and loaded with antibiotics and other drugs. The beef is fed genetically modified, chemically produced grain and ground up dead animals. The beef produced in America is different from the beef produced in other countries. It’s not that beef makes you fat; les the chemicals and growth hormones and drugs put in the American beef that makes you fat.
The bread in America is loaded with high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, sucrose, or other man-mail e sweeteners that lower metabolism, increase appetite and make you fat. They are loaded with chemical preservatives and stabilizers which make you fat. In other countries bread is made with flour, water, salt and yeast. It’s not that bread makes you fat; it is American bread that makes you fat. The American food supply is being produced and designed specifically arid purposefully to make you fat.
•he pre-packaged food diets are probably the worst. They are loaded with monosodium glutamate, high fructose corn syrup, and thousands of man-made chemicals_ when you go on any of these diets you may lose some weight initially, but you will not lose the secure trouble area fat deposits_ you will not reshape your body. The chemicals in this food will continue to lower your metabolism and increase your hunger, which is why when people stop these programs they immediately gain all the weight back, plus more. This is why ifs so hard to lose weight. This is why losing weight takes a long time. This is also why gaining weight is so easy and takes such a short period of time
, In the movie documentary Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock ate only at McDonalds for one month, lie gained twenty-eight pounds in one month. He gained the weight fast and effortlessly. This is because McDonald's food is specifically and purposely made to make you gain weight. McDonald s, for example, even puts sugar on their French fries! They even publicly announced that they are now adding MORE SUGAR into their buns! He also got physically, chemically addicted to the McDonald’s food.
If you are trying to lose post pregnancy wait or trying to get a kid to lose weight you need to keep these principles in mind!