Angelic Protection During An Emergency

There are many different angelic energies that you can call on to save you if you find yourself in a really tight spot – a life or death emergency.

If you have a sick child or injured child or if you see a child in danger you should immediately call upon the archangel Adriel. This is also an angel that puts an end to suffering should you see a situation in which you know there is no hope for a suffering person or animal.

If you are dealing with a killer, a bully or a robber calls on Ariel who is the angel of wrath and creation. This vindictive angel punishes types such as child molesters, robbers and protects you immediately from being taken advantage of.

Camuel or Chamuel – This is an angel of 'pure love'. This archangel makes sure that your children are protected from accidents and harm at all time. This angel is protects pets as well. Call on this angel of love in any situation where you feel threatened…

Gabriel – This gentle archangel can help you make a quick decision during an emergency. He is an angel of guidance. He also protects the mothers of children and unborn fetuses. Gabriel is said to be present when children are born.

Gagiel – This is the angel of water that can protect you and your children while they are swimming, boating or playing in the lake or ocean.

Hadraniel – This angel can help you deal with a drug-addled, disobedient or unruly teenager who might be in danger somehow.

Harut – Is someone jealous, bitter or resentful to you. Do you sense that they are sending you bad energy all of the time. This angel protects children from the evil eye and witchcraft.

Isreul – If there is a miscarriage about top happen or a mother to be is threatened this angel protects the unborn fetus from harm.

Ithuriel – If you are lost in a big city or a forest then this angel can help you find your way. This angel often appears as a toad and helps lost children find their way home. If you are dreaming and having a particularly nasty nightmare saying this angel's name can help end the dream.

Jehoel – If you feel that your life is in immediate mortal danger then immediately shouts this angel's name. This angel prevents the Angel of Death from swooping down and taking your life.

Nuriel – Say this angel's name out loud if you feel you are in danger from fire or explosions.

Michael – This charming supernatural being is the ultimate Angel of Protection and protects them from all danger and accidents. For instance if you see a gang of people coming up the street to beat you up or find yourself clinging to the side of a cliff and about to fall or in just about any other dangerous situation you are to visualize this angel with his flaming sword . Imagining yourself cloaked in a laser-blue bubble of light creates a kind of force-field that protects you from danger.