Quick Three Day Fast for Moms

A regular three day detoxification cleanse at the beginning of each season can be a practical approach to detoxifying your body as many moms are too busy to do a longer cleanse.
However the objective of the shorter cleanse is the same as the longer cleanse – to give your body a rest and allow your inner system to regenerate. The Three Day Cleanse is ideal for moms as sooner or later you have to deal with your kids and other pressing responsibilities.
During a three day cleanse you will be eliminating all acidic foods and replacing them with foods that are alkaline and easy to digest such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, seeds, legumes, and raw foods. You may also drink raw juices.
Practice deep breathing, taking lots of walks outdoors, and indulge in gentle stretching, yoga or Pilates. Be sure to go easy on the cardio.
Enjoying a steam room is beneficial if you have access to a fitness club, and always try to get some extra sleep. An average weight loss of a pound a day is common when you are on a short term cleanse.
Most women notice an increase in vital and mental clarity and feel themselves to be rid of inflammation, bloating and pain. People also feel themselves filled with a greater sense of vitality.
By the fifth, sixth and seventh day of a cleanse strength returns and most people feel and look great! The skin starts to glow and the whites of our eyes get brighter.
Here are some good tips for preparing for the cleanse …
Pick a specific beginning and end date, and then begin to prepare yourself mentally for it for a few weeks before
On the Saturday prior to your start day, make sure that your grocery list is in order and that you have the supplies you need
Begin to cut back on red meat, white sugar, and soda pop five to seven days prior to any fasts
Gradually reduce your caffeine intake for five days prior to the fast avoid headaches.
Reduce your work load in preparation to take it a bit easier the week of your detox.
If you are a smoker who is looking to quit, begin to slowly reduce the number of cigarettes per day. When we alkalize the body, the cravings for nicotine and other substances lessen…there is no point in smoking during a fast as you will only retoxify your body.
Do not eat after 7:00 PM.
Start going to bed a little earlier and rising earlier – be in bed by 11 am and up by 8 am.
Once you are ready to go into full swing these are some general food guidelines for you to follow just a few
Eliminate the following from your diet as well –
• White sugar
• Soda pop
• Red meat
• White flour products
• Gluten, wheat and yeast products
• Soy products with the exception of miso
• White vinegar
• Caffeine
• Alcohol
• Recreational drugs
• Dairy products (with the exception of non-fat yogurt in moderation)
• White table salt (replace with Himalayan salt)
• Artificial or processed foods
Be sure to also add the following habits to your diet —
• Drink lots of hot water with lemons
• Drink lots of plain water – at least eight cups a day
• Drink decaffeinated herbal teas
• Wheatgrass and fresh sprouts if you have access
• Homemade vegetable juices if possible
• Brown rice, oatmeal
• Dressings made with olive oil (good fat) and lemon
• Miso and non-fat yogurt (in moderation)
• Gluten-free, wheat-free products
It's also a good idea to get rid of the kids for the days you are on the fast as you can get quite irritable!