Wearing Your Kid on Your Sleeve

It used to be that proud parents merely tucked a photo of their child in their wallet and brought it out when appropriate. Nowadays people are literally wearing the likeness or names of their kids everywhere on the body and on items that they own.

It's almost like an image or portrait of your kid is becoming the new cool 'logo'.  Instead of boasting Nike or Guess somewhere as a status symbol you have your baby's name or picture. 

One of the newest fads is to make a cameo of your kid's profile and then have the likeness of the cameo printed in black on a white shirt. You can also get this likeness printed on mugs and dishes or send it out on stationary.  This service is available at 9Stork. 

Yet another way to advertise that you have had a kid and are darn proud of it is to order up a specially made laptop sticker from Schtickers. This way every time you prop open the lid of your laptop others can see an oversized photograph of your kid. 

Yet another trend is to not wear a watch on your wrist. Instead you wear a wristband type strap that showcases an oval frame. Inside this frame is a likeness of your loved one.  Men can also get oversized buckle belts that look like picture frames into which you can put a picture of a child as well. 

Yet another big trend is to put your favorite baby picture on a big bag or purse. You can also get this done on a diaper bag. One company that does this is called Nappy Be A Bag.  Keep in mind that this is quite expensive and costs over $700 to achieve. However a picture of your child on a purse would probably be the ultimate Mother's Day Gift for Grandma. 

Yet another curio for the busy working mom or dad that wants to keep their kid's face around are paperclips with tiny frames on the end into which you can slide pint sized portraits.  

Speaking of purses you might also want to  check out something called Scribble Couture. This is a white clutch bag that has a surface on it that is similar to one of those erasable refrigerator message boards. Your child can use semi-permanent markers to draw pictures on your purse and you can carry it proudly like a one of a kind design.  With tax this innovative item will set you back about two hundred bucks. 

If you can't wait to get home from the airport to see your kid you can also order up luggage tags that contain a photograph instead of the usual I.D. information. An outfit called SmugMug takes orders for these online. I

I'm not sure if I like this idea because I never liked wearing jeans with logos in the first place. However I guess if you really want the world to know you are a proud mum this is the way to do it!