Eating Healthy and Blood PH

The best way to detoxify and prevent illness is to balance the pH in your body using the acid/alkaline pH balance approach to diet.
People are most addicted to eating the foods that they like with little consideration of whether or not the food is good for them. They often have resistance to changing their eating habits. Many people are also incredibly daunted about diet changes when they see the list of potentially acidic foods on the list that they now have to avoid – this includes red meat, fast food, soda pop, refined sugar, baked goods, hydrogenated fats, and coffee.
Considered highly acidic, all of these foods create a pH imbalance and cause congestion in the colon. You have probably heard the phrase –'Death begins in the colon.' Trouble with the colon is the leading cause of disease.
Ailments often begin with constipation and other bowel problems, or with congested sinuses and continually getting sick with “colds.” Continued imbalance of the acid-alkaline state can lead to health problems from inflammation, chronic fatigue, ulcers, back pain and many other illnesses.
Your body is healthiest when it is in a slightly alkaline pH balanced state that is above 7.0 (with 0. 0 being most acidic and 14.0 being most alkaline). You would be dead if your acid level was 0.0 by the way. Death starts to progress once your body drops in acidity below 6.0.
The blood pH stays at about 7.41 and your body will do what it has to in order to keep it at that level. So if you eat too much acidic food the body will buffer those acids and store them in your tissues.
Acids stored in the body over a long period of time show up as congestion, swelling, inflammation and then stiffness. Eventually tissue and cell death occur.
Achieving perfect balance depends predominantly on understanding and applying the acid/alkaline balance to your diet.
With steady focus, and a willingness to experiment with alternatives, acidic foods can be given up or in the very least cutback on so you can stay healthier.
Many people find it hard to give up some of these acidic foods right away.
Here are some simple suggestions for food substations that you can experiment with at home that can help reduce the unhealthy cravings for the real thing.
Sugar – Maple syrup or agave nectar, both of which alkalize the body can be used as substitutes for the 'slow sweet killer.'
Salt – Use pink Himalayan salt which has no toxins and contains eighty-four elements found in your body
Flour – Replace white flour with spelt or rice flour which are both superior sources of fiber
Rice – If you must eat rice then eat brown rice which has higher sources of trace minerals
Dairy – Replace cow's milk with brown rice milk, oat milk, almond milk or hemp milk. Hemp milk has omega fatty acids.