Sourpuss Punk Clothes for Kids

Sourpuus Punk Clothes for Kids
Believe it or not punk clothes are still in fashion for little tykes and there are several sites online devoted to selling this type of clothing. An example of a brand that has a site is Sour Puss which sells the craziest T shirts for kids. Your kid can wear a bib with a picture of the Japanese all girl punk band the 1234's or of the Ramones. There are black T-shirts with images of Johnny Cash, Mr. Bonez and AC DC T- Shirts.

Sourpuss makes a line of really cute little punk clothes for babies including ones that boast images of tattoos. There is a nice one of a Rose with Momma written across it, a black Sugar Skull, and Sex Pistols God Save The Queen T-shirt with pink stripes.

The bibs made by this company are equally impressive. They are mostly black and have images of skulls and bones, crossed hearts that say True Love, anchors and crowns and bands like KISS, the Misfits and the Ramones.

There are also some pretty wonderful diaper bags made by Sourpuss including a very attractive Die Cut Anhor Diaper bag that is a navy blue color with pink piping. You can also get black Diaper bags with pictures of skulls and bones and flying sailors. There is a plaid diet bag that has the Sex Pistols logo on it.

The kids' socks are equally amusing with images of skulls and crossbones on fire, black lucky cats and stripes. The leggings are equally sweet coming in all kinds of striped black and white versions and in a beautiful star pattern in colors like pink, black and orange.

The one piece outfits for infants are also very cute. There is a gray suit with a picture of Blondie on it available. Many are black with pictures of skulls, dice, skulls with flames and picas of The Ramones, Johnny Cash and popular classic tattoos such as Mom with a heart. You can also get pink Girly Skull T-shirts with pink hearts for eyes.

There are also some sweet little skirts made by Sourpuss. They are short and are black with neon polka dots in colors like neon pink, neon yellow and neon green.

What kind of little punk rocker baby would you be raising — if it also did not have a studded belt? The studded belts by sourpuss come in red, black, pink and silver studded versions.