Rich and Healthy Recession Spaghetti

In this article I am going to talk about how you can make spaghetti more appealing and nutritious. I am including my recipe for the ultimate Spaghetti Bolognese.
Yes it is true, I discovered how much kids love pasta one night when I was eating dinner early with them and instead of wanting to eat his own he ate more than half of mine! He loved it! I had made so much that there was enough left for the next night and he ate even more of that. The great thing about this dish is that its flavour seems to mature the longer you leave it and I'm not talking weeks, but a good simmer at the cooking stage, cool and refrigerate and then re-heat thoroughly the next day is probably nicer than the first time around.


Organic minced beef
Organic minced
Cubed pancetta or tiny strips of bacon
Tinned or fresh tomatoes or passatta
Organic or homemade beef stock or water
Organic single or double cream
Lots of parmesan


Your choice of pasta but actually contrary to popular belief bolognaise actually goes better with short or curly pasta as it sticks to the pasta more easily allowing more equal mouthfuls and more easy eating. If you love the spaghetti then stick with it and if you don't mind the mess it can be quite a lot of fun eating and teaching kids to eat spaghetti and added dinner table entertainment element.


The wonderful thing for me about this meal is that you can let it simmer gently for hours, cool and re-heat thoroughly the next day, and freeze for last minute suppers later in the month.


It is a very rich meal and so depending on your palate you will not need much sauce to pasta. It's a great way to get the kids to eat some good quality organic meat, and of course you can mince your own if you are that way inclined!


How many kids do we know that absolutely love pasta and the poor parents are just whizzing up sauce after sauce every night to go with it. The great thing about the sauces is that you can add anything you like to them really, and really have a go at the 'hidden' veggie train of thought scenario.


• Tomatoes, red pepper and spring onion
• Cream, mushrooms and leeks
• Courgette, aubergine and tomato
• tomato, turkey and carrot
• Butternut squash, carrot and coconut milk
• Cabbage, bacon and mozzarella
• Beef broccoli and cream
• Tomato, anchovy and a touch of cream
• Tomato, celery and mage tout or sugar snap peas
• Pea and ham

The list is endless and they can certainly have some fun thinking up new combinations and whizzing them up with you

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