Holistic Healing Through Diet

Holistic treatments address and approach all the parts that make up “the whole” person. This includes the physical body, mental body, emotional body soul, and spirit. It is about getting to the root cause of what causes illness and more often than not the root cause is diet.
You might want to investigate this type of theory if you have a sick kid. I know that I have had luck healing my son's asthma by paying attention to this kind of thing.
All disease results from cellular dysfunction. Either the cell suffers from a deficiency of vital nutrients such as – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and phytonutrients from fresh foods or toxicity from exposure to the wrong foods and toxic environmental factors like lead and mercury.
Making lousy food choices, such as eating overly acidic foods like refined and processed flour and sugar and dairy and meat can throw our body's pH balance way out of whack!
This acidity leads to toxicity and inflammation and eventually to degeneration and breakdown of the body’s function and thus energy and vitality. The result is the opposite of 'ease' – what naturopaths call 'dis-ease.'
Healing happens we address our lives and make changes. A primary philosophy I live and practice by is this, “How we feel and look is a result of how we live.'
This means that if we want to look and feel better, something needs to change.” Changing our lifestyle habits so they are healthier is the best idea.
Unfortunately Western medicine humors our desire to refuse to change. We petrify and stagnate when we try to control our physical, mental and emotional symptoms with drugs rather than try to get to the underlying root cause.
We can only cure ourselves by making big lifestyle changes. These changes typically have to do with lifestyle – what we choose to eat, how we think and the stresses we have, our quality of sleep, how we exercise and move our body, and our attitudes toward our self and our life.
When it comes to keeping your health and sanity, it all boils down to respecting your body by choosing foods that nourish you and provide your cells with optimum nourishment. You will stay fit, get proper sleep and discover ways to handle emotions and stresses.
Change will not happen unless you embrace the idea. We are only complete when our body, mind, and heart are healed, conscious, connected, and whole again.
Keep in mind that you don't have to do all of this overnight. Just try to take on step forward for every step backwards and you will feel much healthier.