Is Nutella As Good As It Says?

I am a little disturbed by a bit of news I read on the Reuters site about the high protein chocolate spread called Nutella.

For years Nutella, which is a chocolate hazelnut spread has been sold as a source of high energy and protein. I have always trusted the product because I have been eating on toast and in sandwiches ever since I was a child. I also give it to my own kids on crackers as a high energy spread. It also goes well in hot or cold chocolate drinks. If you grew up in Europe and particularly if you were Dutch, you probably ate butter and Nutella sandwiches that were put in your lunchbox by your mother. Many mothers also mixed the Nutella with sprinkles to make the food even more attractive. Of course this is a rarer sight but Nutella with pink and blue sprinkles sandwiches were quite a common site in U.K. and European countries. It was okay for kids to eat this much sugar as the hazelnuts used to make the spread were so high in protein.

I have also put Nutella on pancakes because it melts so nicely and it goes really nicely with a bit of whipping cream and maple syrup and maybe even a bit of chestnut puree. I have often thought of making a cake with it and using the nutritious spread as icing. The cookies made with Nutella in the middle are quite famous and there are recipes for it all over the web. You can just buy a commercial pack of cookies and spread Nutella in the center to make a kind of Nutella Oreo if you want. Keep in mind that this is a special treat as Nutella is quite high in sugar!

As I have always been a fan of the stuff it was a bit disappointing to read that it was trying to oversell itself as a healthy food when everybody already knows it is not. A stories on 'Reuters Life!' reported that it's television commercial was pulled off the air for exaggerating its health benefits. This was done after over 50 parents complained about the way it was marketed as a healthy breakfast explaining that each jar of Nutella contains 52 hazelnuts, cocoa and the equivalent of a glass of skim milk. The commercial also claimed that Nutella releases energy slowy to the body.

It is the way that the energy is purportedly released by the food that raised the ire of so many viewers. This is because Nutella is equally high in fat and sugar and eating too much at once would not be very good for anyone. Although it is high in protein that it is a bit cancelled out by how high the food is in sugar.

The upshot was that the commercial got pulled off the televisions screens of the United Kingdom. The people who make Nutella, Ferrero UK also put out a statement that they did not mean to mislead anyone.

Physical Fitness for Teens

Physical fitness for teens is necessary as exercise is crucial for their physical, mental and psychological health. Despite this, people between the ages of thirteen and eighteen tend to be real slackers when it comes to exercising. It is hard to get them off the couch.  

There is another type of teenager that is too busy to exercise. Like adults they are always have an appointment, are on a cell phone or attending a meeting.  If the problem is not too many extracurricular activities or having to go to a part time job then it might simply be teenage malaise.

‘Many adolescents simply are not in the mood to exercise and prefer to surf the Internet and play video games. This of course can lead to a fat kid. Perhaps the best thing you can do for a child who goes 'What's the point?' when it comes to doing regular exercises or taking a walk is buy him or her a bicycle.

A bicycle makes perfect sense to an adolescent because it is does have a purpose, which is to transport the teenager from one place to another. Buying your child a bike that he or she likes will also encourage him or to ride. There is nothing like a brand new bike to encourage physical fitness for teens. Girls like old-fashioned roadsters and boys tend to like bikes that are capable of racing. Both sexes like the idea of a bike that they can bling out with various accessories such as stickers, bells, lights, baskets or ornament. 

You should also make swimming part of any plan for personal physical fitness for teens. Swimming is fun and it strengthens and elongates the body the same way Pilates does.  If your adolescent is shy about showing their body in public you can encourage participation in swimming by buying swimsuits or trunks that make your child look cool at the pool. Overweight girls who are sensitive about their appearance can also now buy swimsuits that have boy shorts and skirts, which offer more coverage. 

A kid that spends a lot of time on the couch watching television might be inspired by competitive sports. Enrolling your child sports team that meets and plays regularly is a good way for a kid to get exercise.  It also teaches skills like goal setting, teamwork and how to get along with other people. Gymnastics might also suit some individuals who are already demonstrating some level of athletic prowess. Competing in sports and gymnastics teaches your child an appreciation of the potential of their bodies to do great things. If your kid is a thrill seeker then you might have to come up with some more clever ways to excite him or her about the idea of exercise.  Some more offbeat and adventurous ideas for physical fitness for teens are rock climbing, surfing, skateboarding, rollerblading and hiking.  Adolescents that enjoy thrilling sports also might enjoy taking part in a biking trip that takes them out of town and involves camping and swimming. There are many parks in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom with extended bike trails that take you across a network of trails that intersect with cities.