Places to Hide a Nanny Cam

So after a long search you have finally found that nanny . Now you are wondering exactly how well she will attend to your child.  Will she plunk your kid down in front of the television drinking, watching television and smoking cigarettes? Or will she spend the day playing and caring responsibly with your child as they promised?

You did not hire your nanny or so that you could be in the same room so the answer is some type of surveillance system. These are called nanny cams.  They take footage of the live in couple or nanny and relay the images back to you on your computer or you can watch the footage on a VCR later.

You have probably seen this type of thing on Oprah. Oprah devoted several episodes of her show to nanny cams and using them to catch bad nannies doing things like swatting children and shaking them.

There are many great places in your home where you can hide a nanny cam.   A good place is through a two way mirror. You will probably get lots of footage of your nanny putting on her lipstick and brushing her hair.

Lamp stands are also a good tucking place for a camera.  Umbrella stands, sculptures, ceramic busts and teddy bears are all great places to hide a wireless camera.  You can roll tape and record or just always have the camera running in live mode and check up on what's happening at your leisure on your computer at work.

A vase of flowers can hide a camera.  The same goes for any type of container that has hany oles in it through which lenses can see the world.

One way to keep your nanny or live in couple on their toes is to simply put tiny little bullet cameras in every room and the nanny they may or may not have those cameras on any time. This means that they must be on their best behaviour at all times. These types of cams also are cheap, wireless and can usually relay back views of any room that you want within seconds.  You simply view what is happening on your laptop or from any computer in the world.

You can be nice and also inform your employees that you have hidden cameras and just dnotto tell them where in the house you have them.

The best places to hide a nanny cam are in the kid's rooms and the living room. There may actually be privacy laws against having a cam in your bathroom and some trouble would definitely be caused if you hid a cam in the nanny or live in couple's quarters. That would be an invasion of privacy.