Decorative Baby Socks

I am getting a real kick out of all the different types of new baby socks that are out there on the market. The designers of these warmers for tiny tootsies are really getting creative.
It is absolutely impossible to be in a bad mood if your baby's feet look hilarious. I really enjoy dressing up her feet to look like little bears or rabbits or other creatures. She enjoys looking at her own foot puppets in the crib as well as every time she lifts her legs she is seeing a little face on her sock. The nice thing about these socks is that they are something that my baby can relate to. She smiles when I put them on her feet because they make her feet look exactly like a pair of cuddly toys.
Designer socks are definitely part of the new outfit for the well outfitted baby. In fact if your baby's socks are not making people laugh then your baby is just not that fashionable.
A very popular style that is out right now is like a small anklet. These are called Trumpette socks. They look more like little slippers and you can see a generous selection of them at Baby and Me Boutique, Wal Mart online and other stores. They are very common and easy to slip on the baby's foot. They have thicker souls and are tight around the ankle so that they don't slip off. They are also cheap. You can usually get packs of twelve or more for less than twenty dollars or even ten dollars.
These types of socks ten y also come in all kinds of brilliant colors including primary colors like blue, red and green and fun shades like pink and orange. Many of them have hip prints – such as cartoon monkeys, puppies or ballerinas on them. I am very fond of the ones that have musical or floral motifs I because they are so cheery.
The latest trend in high end baby socks is to get a pair that makes it look like the baby is wearing a pair of Baby Jane style strap on shoes over a sock. The sock can be any kind of color but the illusion once the baby sock is on is that it looks like your child is wearing a shoe. You can also get socks like this that look like cowboy boots, motorcycle boots and stilettos.
You can also get baby socks for little girls that go further up the leg and look like the ribbon ties on a pair of ballerina shoes. These are truly pretty socks. They also look good on children who are a little older.
For my older children I like to get socks that have a bit of a tread on the bottom. This is because they like to run around all winter on bare wood floors. You can buy socks with little rubber nubs that prevent the child from slipping and falling.