The Best Baby Stroller

I just found the best baby stroller. It is not very vintage looking. In fact it is the nicest baby stroller I have seen that has a contemporary style.

A company called Peg Perego makes this particular baby stroller, which is very lightweight and portable. They of course have their own website if you want to look at the features in detail but as a mom I can definitely describe it's virtues. The one you want to look at is called the Pliko P3 Classico stroller and it is a high fold up stroller.

This stroller is compact. It is so light and handy you can practially fold it up and put it in your pocket. It is very lightweight so you don't have to worry about straining your back as you throw it in the back of your car. It folds up really small. It reminds me of an origami paper sculpture.

This particular baby stroller has all of the benefits of a much larger stroller including a click on infant seat (that you have to buy separate), a clip on seat and a padded five point harness to keep your precious little passenger safe and also comfortable. The five point harness is crucial to look for when buying a stroller as it helps prevent your kid from falling forward, sideways or any which way should you somehow lose control of the stroller.

The big bonus with this stroller is that it is so easy to fold up as well. None of this kicking it with your foot or straining your elbows as you try to get rusty parts to click together. Who wants to arm wrestle with the aluminum limbs of a fold up stroller.

The Pliko P3 Classico stroller also has a lightweight aluminum frame and resembles an umbrella stroller. You can put it in your purse, never mind your car. You can take it on a train or plane with no worries. It weighs in at sixteen pounds so it can easily be packed away just about anyway.

This beautiful and comfortable designer stroller also has extendable handles that adjust easily to the height of differently sized parents. You simply adjust and secure the handles in one deft move. This really helps if one of you is way taller and is always bending over to push the stroller. Also once you adjust it just doesn't come loose. The stroller is very reliable this way.

It is also a very strong stroller considering that it seems so flimsy when you are folding it up. It can take a lot of weight including extra kids and shopping bags and other cargo. If you have a toddler as well this stroller is equipped with footrests so another kid can jump on the sideboard and hitch a ride just as if they were characters in the movie –Bonnie and Clyde

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