The New Barbie Dolls for 2012

This article is about the toy called the Barbie Doll which your daughter might be into but it is also for those moms out there who grew up with Barbie and also kind of like to keep posted on what is going on with the American doll.
For 2011 the Barbie company is now putting out a Grace Kelly Doll. This Doll is wearing the dress that Grace Kelly wore in Alfred Hitchcock's 'Rear Window. This is a simple dress with a v –neck bodice and full calf-length white chiffon skirt. The Barbie wears long gloves, black strappy shoes, a sheer shawl and a necklace of pearls. This Barbie is also perfectly coiffed with blonde hair capped back into a bun with a clean face and bright red lipstick. She also comes with fat little pearl earrings which were also a trademark of Grace Kelly.

The Mattel Company has also made a Twilight Saga marriage couple. Mattel has been making dolls that appeal to Twilight Saga movie fans since 2009. They have made an Edward and Bella. The Edward 'groom doll is wearing a classic tux with a white bow tie son white boutonniere. The Bella doll wears a slinky satin gown with a huge flare at the thighs and a floor length veil.

Mattel is also putting out Walking Suit Barbie. This is part of the Fashion Model collections and show Barbie attired for a day out in a 1950s hounds tooth checked shirt with a shawl collar. She wears a white shirt, black stockings and black pointy toed shoes.

Mattel has also made a Dancing With the Stars Paso Doble doll weari9ng a classic red dress with a black and red lace top and long satin skirt. Hoops in the dress link the skirt to the doll's hand so she can look like she is twirling when displayed. She is also wearing earrings and a gold bangle. Her long furious looking curled hair is tied to the side in a cascading gypsy knot.

Another Dancing with the Stars Barbie is the Waltz Barbie which wears an elegant long flowing gown. This dress has a skirt with three ruffles and a silvery trim that lines the bodice top. The pink and silver bodice is fitted and has long cut out pink sleeves. She is blonde with short hair and wears an elegant silver choker.

Many of these dolls are slated to be released for sale to the public in March and April 2012.