Tips On Using a Slow Cooker

A slow cooker can be your best friend. It saves time and it is perfect for the working mom who wants to come home to a nutritious hot meal. The non-working mom will also appreciate how handy it is. If you have one gathering dust on a shelf it is time to dig it out, clean it and search for recipes.

All I do is cut up some meat and vegetables and throw it in the slow cooker while I am at work. There are ton of things that you can make in a slow cooker including soups, pudding, casseroles, stews, curries and chilis. Some really efficient mothers sometimes have two slow cookers going at once – one for the main dish and the other for desserts. You can get these slow cookers in different sizes as well.

A slow cooker also uses less electricity than a standard electric oven. Another benefit is that you can use a very cheap cut of meat as it tenderizes the meat.

In the summer I don't mind using a slow cooker as it prevents the kitchen from getting too hot. Stuff baking in the oven can definitely raise the temperature sky high.

Another good thing about a slow cooker is that it does not need stirring. You just leave it and it takes care of itself. It is so low maintenance it is ridiculous. Also, incredibly. Also the food does not dry out at all like it would if you cook into tan oven. The slow cooker is also great for cooking puddings, custards and cakes with creamy insides.

One thing I found is that the food turns out better if you preheat the slow cooker before adding ingredients. Make sure you brown any meat before adding it to the cooker so it looks more attractive. This is especially true of meat like chicken which can look a little rubbery or unpleasant if it is not browned.

Another thing I have learned is to not peek under the lid. The more you do that the more you add cooking time to the whole ordeal. I also am sure to soak the pot after each time I use it as lifting the lid on the pot can add fifteen to twenty minutes onto cooking time.

It is also crucial not to fill the cooker too full. Slicing and dining up vegetables is also a good idea. The smaller the pieces are the faster they will cook.

Thaw out everything before slow cooking. Failure to do so could actually cause food poisoning. Be sure to test chicken or large cuts of meat with a meat thermometer to make sure it is done.

A slow cooker is not really intended to reheat food. It does not get hot enough quick enough for that. Instead use your slow to simmer and cook in stages and use the microwave to get food really hot.