Top Ten Cheap Digital Cameras

 If you are like me then you love taking pictures of your children, which is more important to you when it comes to buying a digital camera – a cheap price or high resolution. The more pixels a camera can produce the higher the price will be. The same is true when it comes to the camera being user-friendly and lightweight. Here is a guide to the best of both worlds – high resolution at a pretty price and producers of pretty pictures at an affordable price.  

1.         Olympus Camedia D-370 At about 200 bucks. this camera features 1.3-megapixel resolution, 2MB internal memory, 35mm focal length and video output. . It is a leap in evolution from previous Olympus models as the battery lasts six times longer. It offers both automatic and manual controls allowing the user some artistic license. 

2.         Toshiba PDR-M61  This camera has twice the resolution of the Olympus Camedia D-370 but it will also cost you an additional $100. At three hundred bucks this camera features: 2.3-megapixel resolution, and a 38mm-114mm focal range. It is also a lot heavier than other cameras. 

3.         Olympus Camedia Brio D-100  Priced at about $250 U.S. this middle-range point-and shoot camera features1.3-megapixel resolution, a 8MB SmartMedia card, and a 35mm focal length and video output. It is easy to use but not for long as it has a short battery life. 

4.         Kodak DX3500  At $299 this camera produces superb images at 2.2-megapixel resolution. It possesses 8MB of internal memory. The lense has a 38mm focal length. It produces very high quality prints for a point and shoot camera that is so automatic. 

5.         Toshiba PDR-M65 This pricier five hundred dollar camera features 3.34-megapixel resolution, 8MB of memory, a SmartMedia card, 38mm-114mm focal range and video output. It has fewer perks than most cameras in this price range but is easier for beginners to use. 

6.         Olympus Camedia C-2040 Zoom This $500 camera features: 2.11-megapixel resolution, 8MB SmartMedia card, a40mm-120mm focal range; 1 USB and video output. It is heavy at 13.7 ounces. It produces movie quality images associated with $1000 dollar models however it can't capture audio. 

7.         Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P50 At $400 or so this camera is a hybrid between high end and low-end camera. It has 2.1-megapixel resolution, 4MB, and a 41mm-123mm focal range. However it has a poor battery life, which can be upgraded with a lithium battery for an extra $100.  

8.         HP Photosmart 315  This durable, easy-to use camera features: 2.1-megapixel resolution, 8MB of CompactFlash media, 38mm focal length and video output. However this $279 camera  does not have a zoom function. 

9.         Canon PowerShot This $299 camera features: 2.1-megapixel resolutions, a 35mm-105mm focal range and video output however it has a short battery life and the images are of average quality.

10        Ricoh RDC-5300  This 500 dollar camera features: 2.3-megapixel resolution, 8MB SmartMedia card, 38mm-114mm focal range, and video output. It is a heavier and clunkier camera. However it gets marks for user-friendliness and the photo software bundle that comes with it.

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