Strange Inflatable Amusements for Kids

Ever had a time when your kids got so dirty, you thought it would be easier to just take them to the car wash to get the dirt off? While the Splash Wash wasn't made for that purpose, it does make you feel like you are in a car wash themed water park!
This inflatable water toy is an inflatable archway connects to a water hose and produces a cascade of water over anyone that goes through the Splash Wash – just like in a car wash. If you are thinking of getting something for you kids to cool down with in the upcoming summer months then this is a really great buy!
You can walk through, roll through, skip through, or even ride your bicycle, or big wheel through! It's a great way to beat the heat, and also a fun and innovative way to spend a warm and sunny afternoon.
Kids like tents. They can protect kids from the sun as well as give them a place to nap. I am thinking of getting this Swedish tent that just looks like a giant surreal cloud.
This is a wonderful portable blow-up space called The Cloud. It is designed by Monica Förster, a Swedish designer who is internationally renowned for her creations in contemporary Swedish design.
You can simply carry the cloud house with you and set it up anywhere and anytime you like. It takes less than 3 minutes for the igloo-like shape to inflate. What a great design. This would be useful for many occasions, whether you find yourself homeless or just in need of shade.
Want your kids to do their homework. Get them an inflatable computer mouse to make it more fun! Made from soft plastics and flexible circuitry with an attachable USB cable, the only other thing the Jelly Click mouse needs is a breath of fresh air. Simply breathe into the open end of the mouse as if you were blowing up a beach ball, and voila! A mouse that can be inflated and deflated wherever and whenever you are in need.
Is your kid a skateboarder? How about getting him or her an inflatable skateboard? Getting pumped is 90% of a skater's skill, but this board needs to be 100% pumped to perform. The Pumpboard by Puxon Maciej is a fiber board that can be deflated, rolled up and easily stored.
The Pumpboard might be handy for skater kids with bicoastal parents—this deflating skateboard will make it onto any plane. The design is very cool, but seems that elaborating the deck with stickers or markers would be completely out of the question!

Top Ten Cheap Digital Cameras

 If you are like me then you love taking pictures of your children, which is more important to you when it comes to buying a digital camera – a cheap price or high resolution. The more pixels a camera can produce the higher the price will be. The same is true when it comes to the camera being user-friendly and lightweight. Here is a guide to the best of both worlds – high resolution at a pretty price and producers of pretty pictures at an affordable price.  

1.         Olympus Camedia D-370 At about 200 bucks. this camera features 1.3-megapixel resolution, 2MB internal memory, 35mm focal length and video output. . It is a leap in evolution from previous Olympus models as the battery lasts six times longer. It offers both automatic and manual controls allowing the user some artistic license. 

2.         Toshiba PDR-M61  This camera has twice the resolution of the Olympus Camedia D-370 but it will also cost you an additional $100. At three hundred bucks this camera features: 2.3-megapixel resolution, and a 38mm-114mm focal range. It is also a lot heavier than other cameras. 

3.         Olympus Camedia Brio D-100  Priced at about $250 U.S. this middle-range point-and shoot camera features1.3-megapixel resolution, a 8MB SmartMedia card, and a 35mm focal length and video output. It is easy to use but not for long as it has a short battery life. 

4.         Kodak DX3500  At $299 this camera produces superb images at 2.2-megapixel resolution. It possesses 8MB of internal memory. The lense has a 38mm focal length. It produces very high quality prints for a point and shoot camera that is so automatic. 

5.         Toshiba PDR-M65 This pricier five hundred dollar camera features 3.34-megapixel resolution, 8MB of memory, a SmartMedia card, 38mm-114mm focal range and video output. It has fewer perks than most cameras in this price range but is easier for beginners to use. 

6.         Olympus Camedia C-2040 Zoom This $500 camera features: 2.11-megapixel resolution, 8MB SmartMedia card, a40mm-120mm focal range; 1 USB and video output. It is heavy at 13.7 ounces. It produces movie quality images associated with $1000 dollar models however it can't capture audio. 

7.         Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P50 At $400 or so this camera is a hybrid between high end and low-end camera. It has 2.1-megapixel resolution, 4MB, and a 41mm-123mm focal range. However it has a poor battery life, which can be upgraded with a lithium battery for an extra $100.  

8.         HP Photosmart 315  This durable, easy-to use camera features: 2.1-megapixel resolution, 8MB of CompactFlash media, 38mm focal length and video output. However this $279 camera  does not have a zoom function. 

9.         Canon PowerShot This $299 camera features: 2.1-megapixel resolutions, a 35mm-105mm focal range and video output however it has a short battery life and the images are of average quality.

10        Ricoh RDC-5300  This 500 dollar camera features: 2.3-megapixel resolution, 8MB SmartMedia card, 38mm-114mm focal range, and video output. It is a heavier and clunkier camera. However it gets marks for user-friendliness and the photo software bundle that comes with it.

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