Treating Kid’s Fatigue With Nutrients

Depression and fatigue is not life-threatening but it can be really alarming to see your kid lying around all day with no energy. Depression and fatigue result in serious damage to the immune system or sometimes be a symptom of illness so if your kid is acting like this it might be time to get him or her to a doctor. Some kids seem to only act like this during times of stress.
There is no chronic fatigue cure but there are nutrients that you can take on a regular basis that can provide chronic fatigue support.
Research has suggested that taking acidophilus as directed on the label can help. Chronic fatigue and candida fungus often occur together and if your kid is also not doing well in school or acting like he or she can't concentrate it could be a fungal or yeast infection. Yogurt with acidophilus in it might also be a good thing to take to try and help a kid with these types of issues.
Coenzyme Q10 enhances the effectiveness of the immune system and protects the heart. Taking 75 mgs will help prevent and allay chronic fatigue symptoms in your kid
You also might want to try asking your kid to lecithin granules one to three times a day with meals. The idea does is 1200 mg three time a day to help promote energy and enhance immunity.
Malic acid taken as directed on the label can also help with the symptoms of chronic fatigue symptoms. This acid is involved in energy production in many cells of the body including the muscle cells.
If you are deficient in the minerals manganese and magnesium it may be contributing to the severity of your chronic fatigue disorder. Manganese influences the metabolic rate and therefore increases energy. You need five mg of manganese a day to stay healthy. Chronic fatigue doctors have also recommended taking up to 1000 mg of magnesium daily as a deficiency in this mineral has been linked to CFS.
Chronic fatigue sufferers may also benefit from taking 25,000 IU daily of Vitamin A. This free radical scavenger helps protect the cells and enhance immune function to fight viruses. You can also take Vitamin E daily and then reduce it to 400 IU daily. Sufferers can take Vitamin C with bioflavonoids to fight Chronic Fatigue. This vitamin has a powerful antifviral effect that increases energy levels, especially if it is used in buffered form.
Chronic fatigue doctors have also seen sufferers beat chronic fatigue if they take Vitamin B complex injections twice weekly or a prescribed by a doctor. This is because B vitamins are crucial when it comes to increasing energy levels and enhancing chronic fatigue.
There is no chronic fatigue cure but taking these supplements has been found to make living with chronic fatigue much easier.