Your Baby’s Personality and the Zodiac

I was reading up on astrology the other day and I thought it might be cute to try and apply a few of the character traits that are assigned to the zodiac signs to babies. If you have —

  n Aries Baby – This baby is full of hot air. It farts and burps a lot and can be very bossy when it comes to getting what it wants when it wants.  Don't expect this infant to stay in a car seat. 

A Taurus Baby – This is the kind of baby that compresses its lips and turns its head away when you try to feed it. This stubborn child will also suddenly head butt you for no reason. 

A Gemini Baby – This baby has a split personality – sweet as pie one minute and a screaming demon from hell the next. This information sponge will pick up on every word you say, including the dirty words. 

A Cancer Baby – This type of baby is ruled by the water element so it cries and cries and pees and pees. It is the happiest when it is nursing, which is usually until it is three years old. 

A Leo Baby – This baby must be the center of attention or it screams repeatedly. He or she is quieted through lots of affection petting but the minute you stop, you will hear about it. 

A Virgo Baby – This is one of those very quiet and soulful babies that will not tolerated much noise, talking or the presence of other children.  He or she can also be a very picky eater. 

A Libra Baby – This baby just can't decide what it wants.  Also it delights in watching you run around picking up the toys it throws at you.  This child is also afraid of the dark. 

A Scorpio Baby – A Scorpio baby will not let you out of its sight for one second. It is the most jealous kind of baby that you can have and if you pay attention to your husband, child or a pet it will scream and scream. 

A Sagittarius Baby – A Sagittarius baby is an escape artist so expect to see an empty crib or playpen in the middle of the night. These babies crawl fast and a hard to catch. 

A Capricorn Baby – This type of baby likes to hoard things so don't be surprised if you find a stash of cookies under the couch.  This child loves all food, including dog food. 

An Aquarius Baby – This type of child can be very creative especially when it comes to playing the contents of his or her diaper or getting into things that it is not supposed to. 

A Pisces Baby – This soulful child will pull your hair so that it can pull your face closer so it can gaze deeper into your eyes. This sweet little thing is a control freak that loves to splash you in the bath.