Anti-Flu Juices and Broths

Inspired by the last blog I decided to come up with my own Anti-Flue Juicing Recipes.

Here are some juicing recipes that can help treat the symptoms and causes of the flu –

Immune System Builder Tonic

The garlic and Vitamin A content help restore lost minerals and electrolytes to the body.

Handful of parsley
1 garlic clove
5 carrots
3 stalks of celery

Bunch up the parsley and push it through the hopper of your juicer with the carrots and celery and drink immediately for best results.

Potassium Broth

Sometimes a person with the flu can tolerate lukewarm broths better than sweet or salty juices. This is a juice that can be served hot or cold that is valuable when it comes to replacing fluids that have been lost through diarrhea or through a high fever.

Handful of parsley
Handful of spinach
4 to 5 carrots
2 stalks celery

Push parsley and spinach leaves and push them through the juicer hopper. The juice the carrots and celery. Drink immediately or warm in a saucepan and serve as a clear soup.

Anti-Dizzy Tonic

The flu can make people dizzy either due to dehydration or to congestion. The following recipe contains ginger root juice, which is the classic remedy for dizziness.

¼ inch slice of ginger root
4 to 5 carrots
half an apple, seeded

Push the fruits and vegetables through a hopper and serve as immediately for best results.

Fever Fighter

The cucumber is a vegetable with a cooling effect on the body.

Cucumber with skin removed
Dash of salt

Juice cucumber and serve as is to fight dehydration.

Sinus Clearing Tonic

Radish is traditionally used to clear phlegm from the body.

2 whole red radishes
1 tomato
2 celery sticks
2 carrots'
handful of parsley

Push ingredients through the juicer's hopper and serve immediately. Even holding this juice in one's mouth for one or two moments will increase its effectiveness.

Body Rebuilder Juice

This vegetable cocktail contains a lot of greens and sprouts which contain all types of enzymes that can help clear and rebuild a body that has been battered and weakened by a bout with a cold or flu.

1 cup alfalfa sprouts
½ cup cabbage sprouts
½ cup asparagus stems
5 kale leaves
1 medium carrot

Push all ingredients through the hopper of your juicer. Drink immediately. For optimum results hold the juice in your moth for a few moments so that the enzymes can accomplish their beneficial work.

Flu Prevention Cocktail

The grapes have potent antiviral and antibacterial activity.

2 apples without seeds
1 large bunch of grapes, off the vine
1 lemon

Juice all of the ingredients. Serve as is or over ice.

The key to getting a sick person to drink juices is to serve them with plenty of water in case the taste is too strong. Also drinking juices with small sips is better then drinking no juice at all if the person is having trouble keeping juice down