How to Be the Best Mom Ever

Do you want to be the best mom ever? Do you want to impress your kid with everything that you can do? Here are some tips for just being a little more together.
The first thing you can do is play video games with your kids. This really helps you bond with your child. You can have revealing conversations with your kid that you might not have otherwise face-to-face. You can also sometimes use video games to work out hostilities with your kid or to increase a kid's self-esteem (by letting him or her win a game.) A really great thing to do is let your kid teach you how to play a game (even if you already know how, because it really does increase the child's self-esteem to help and guide you for a change.
Keeping a diary can help you be a better mom. It can help you vent, problem solve and handle your own feelings as you try and handle your child's development. When you write things down it helps you be objective about what is going, especially if you have been fighting with a mad teenager who is making everything very personal!
Hanging out with your friends shows your kids the importance of cultivating relationships and having fun. Watching you is how they learn to socialize with others as well.
It is also a nice idea to let your kid be interested in what you are interested in and not always coddle just to the kid's interests. Let your kid help you with one of your hobbies. You might be surprised at the results.
It's okay to let your child make his or her own choices. It helps develop his or her self esteem. If your kid makes a bad choice it is okay to let it happen but within reason. For instance if your kid decides to wear no shoes out in the snow that may not be the kind of decision you want to support. However there is probably no harm in letting your kid wear one purple sock and one red sock to see what the reaction of others is. The idea is to not be a control freak all the times and let the person make his or her own mistakes.
It is also okay to say no to your kids. You do not have to be all loving and all nurturing. They will respect you if you say no.