Suggesting Gifts for a Baby Shower

As implied by my last blog I am now throwing another baby shower for my girlfriend who is expecting in the Spring.   I have sent out some invites and of course I am now being bombarded with calls about what kind of gifts to get her.

As the host or hostess of a baby shower, expect to be plagued by a million questions concerning what to get the expectant mother.

For this reason it is recommended that you set up a gift registry with a local toy, hardware, furniture and/or clothing store. Gift registries can also be set up on some sites on the Internet.

Usually, the expectant mother will directly tell you directly what kind of gifts she we would like or what items she needs to complete her nursery. If the mother is the shy type, you can probably pry a lot of information out of her mother, husband or sisters as to her needs and tastes.

Some people are allergic to things like chocolate and peanuts or react to certain fragrances and perfumes so be sure to ask your expectant mother about that before you start advising others what to buy her.

            Gifts fall into five basic categories:

•           Gifts that pamper mom such as candy and spa products

•           Clothing and products for the care of the baby (such as diapers and soothers)

•           Toys

•           Keepsakes such as picture frames, photo albums and key chain rings

•           Food and alcohol such as bottle of champagne for the happy parents to share after the birth of the baby or a frozen casserole that they can keep in the freezer to enjoy on a busy day

Sometimes the mother-to-be is strapped for cash, in which case you can set up a donation station at the event.

            The following are several fun ways to set up a donation station:

•           A Money Tree – this is a branch or small coniferous tree that is set up near the doorway. As guests leave or come in, they are encouraged to attach paper money to the tree with clothespins.

•           Money Clothesline – a clothesline is strung up in the living room and guests are encouraged to attach paper money so that it dangles like laundry.

•           Diaper pail – the pail is clearly labelled as Mommy Fund and guests are encouraged to step on the pedal and drop money in the bucket.

•           Diaper- the money is collected from guests by an appointed friend and gathered into a diaper, pinned and presented to the mother

•           Money Daisy- Cut a circle of cardboard (with a picture of the mother in the center if you like) and decorate the fringes with dollar bills. Encourage others to make the daisy “bloom”

More discreet methods of collecting money for the expectant mother include:

•           Buying a teddy bear or other stuffed toy that zips up and asking people to stuff it with paper bills

•           Doing the same with a beautiful cushion and calling it the “financial cushion”

•           Collecting the money in an envelope and tucking it under her pillow or in her purse for her to discover later

Of course you can also open a bank account in the mother’s name and then handing her the account book at the end of the party.  Nothing says 'I care for you' like cash!

Even More Fun Baby Shower Games

Here are some more good baby games I found in that good book by Hope Mason called 'How To Throw a Baby Shower.'

Baby Word Scramble

Scramble 30 baby related words into unrecognizable words – for instance 'diaper' could be 'peraid'. Xerox the words and hand them out to guests. The first guest to unscramble all 30 words wins a baby shower prize.

Disposable Diaper Prank

Unwrap a box of disposable diapers and then have each guest write jokes and comments on the diaper wrappers or on the diapers themselves. Writing things like 'Are you still up?' and 'Isn't it your hubby's turn?' might give mom a chuckle changing diapers late at night. Wrap the diapers up and put them back in the box so she doesn't realize the box is full of messages from her friends.

Diaper Bag Stuffing Challenge

This game is good for after the mom-to-be opens all of her gifts. Present mom with a brand new diaper bag or carry all bag. The guests then take bets on how many baby items she will be able to stuff into the bag. The guest that bets the closest wins.

Thank You Envelope Game

Buy the mom to be thank you envelopes. Inside one hide a gift certificate or a voucher for some kind of prize. Hand out the unsealed envelopes to all of the guests at the party and ask them to write their names and addresses on the envelopes so the mom-to-be is saved the time of looking up all of this stuff when it comes to sending out her thank you notes. One lucky person of course, receives the gift certificate as a prize.
Baby 'The Price Is Right' Game

Acquire some baby items from the store. Call in four 'contestants' and ask them to guess the price of one of the items. The contestant that comes closest to guessing the correct price of the baby item wins a prize. Do this continually until you have two finalists who have to face off for a grand baby shower prize!

Baby Sock Hunt

Hide as many single baby socks as you can throughout the party area. By the end of the party the person who has the most pairs of baby socks wins. Players may also make trades and deals with people who have the match to single socks that they have found.

Fridge Magnet Game

Get a set of alphabetical fridge magnets. Starting with an A have each guest come up with ten baby related words that start with an A. Whoever produces ten words the fastest wins the A fridge magnet. Continue doing the same with the rest of the alphabet. Whoever has the most fridge magnet letters by the end of the game wins a prize!

One Handed Mommies

Divide guests into teams of two. Each pair of women must diaper a baby doll with one hand tied behind their back. The team that does it the fastest (and does it right!) wins.