Gattaca is Here

Remember the science fiction movie 'Gattaca?' In that movie a world was depicted where parents could choose the characteristics of their children or have the talents and looks of their natural children assessed. Occupations were then chosen for the children based on these considerations.
Well these days are closer than you think. There is a clinic in Los Angeles called The Fertility Institute that is advertising a new service in which you can select your baby's sex, hair color, eye color and even more.
The website at the Fertility Institute posted this futuristic statement on their website -“For the first time ever, patients having genetic screening for abnormal chromosome conditions in their embryos will be able to elect expanded testing that can greatly increase the odds of achieving a healthy pregnancy with a preselected choice of gender, eye color, hair color and complexion, along with screening for potentially lethal diseases, screening for cancer tendencies (breast, colon, pancreas, prostate) and more.”
Wow! The future is finally here! Initially this type of screening was supposed to be used to prevent us from having children with cancer and other fatal diseases. Now it is used to create a race of super children. It is very much like something Hitler and his cronies would cook up.
I am surprised that we can start fooling with Mother Nature like this at all. I think it is also something that is very petty. Since when do we judge kids so much on appearances in the first place? Isn't it almost a crime to choose a red head over a blonde if your DNA assigns you the blonde kid over the first place? I am not even going to get started over the racial and sexual discrimination that also might result from this.
The other thing that is disappointing about all of this is the lack of surprise at the end of the pregnancy. I am one of those moms who just do not want to know the sex of the child before the day it is born. I like the surprise of it all. I love not knowing what color of hair or eyes my child will have. It is part of the joy of being pregnant.
In fact that is what that movie Gattaca was partly about. Choosing your baby's chromosomes are not only discriminatory it is also not very human. In a way too it is an insult to Mother Nature who creates human beings to adapt to our environment so who knows what kind of chaos or disease we are courting by bringing selective human beings into the world.

B12 Injections for Moms?

Are you feeling really fatigued and tired and do you have those weird winter blahs. Then maybe what you need is a simple b12 injection. This can help the overweight and tired mommy get back to her fighting weight. A b12injection is becoming the answer when it comes to rapid safe weight loss after indulging in those rich Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.
Is there any danger to this? Usually the b12 injection is safe in general unless your physician says otherwise. Vitamin B12 is one of the crucial nutrients that our bodies need in order to function properly and when we do not have enough all of our functions, including our ability to create energy slows right down. This means weight gain for mommies that suffer from the winter blues or who are simply having trouble keeping up in general.
Vitamin b12 performs many of the body's more important tasks including the job of giving us an energy boost. Those energy boosts are what give our bodies the impetus to burn calories. That is why B12 is always called the 'energy vitamin.'
There is a hitch. A vitamin b12 injection will not cause you to lose weight if you take it orally. Only injections cause real weight loss. To take the injectable version you need to get it prescribed by a doctor. Most of these doctors work as physicians in weight loss centers. Very often these B12 shots are a standard part of a medical weight loss program and they have been since the nineeen fifties they take care of all kinds of important tasks including the making of DNA during cell division and forming of red blood cells.
These shots are administered directly into the muscle, allowing the body to absorb it all easily. You will be required to stay at the medical weight loss program clinic for a few minutes after you get the shot to make sure you are not having an adverse reaction. People are usually never allergic to vitamin B but they do sometimes get allergic to the carrier fluids used to deliver the drug into the bloodstream.
If you are overweight because you have chronic fatigue system or a vitamin B12 deficiency than you might be prescribed these shots by a regular doctor. The lift that people get from these shots also helps them fight the stress and depression that might be leading to the overweight condition. People on these shots simply feel more like getting up and moving which is good.
I am not so sure I approve of these shots jus yet but I have seen them work with friends of mine who basically feel fat, depressed and overwhelmed with dealing with kids. I would not recommend doing any of this without a doctor's permission and also if you are pregnant or nursing stay away from any type of injection that alters your body chemistry.