Wooden Baby Toys

Wooden baby toys have always been around but there is a new crop of them on the market every year. Here is a rundown of some of my favorite toys that are made out real hardwood. Many of them are available on line.
The Doggie Woggie has always been around. This is that wooden pull toy that has a dog on wheels. It's paws sometimes rotate and so do its ears. It has a thin cut out body and a tail that ends in a spring. The original Doggie Woggy was made by a company called Empress Arts. It is just the quaintest toy because it reminds me of my own childhood.
Forget about those old wooden blocks with the A B and C on them. Instead you can now get hip little building blocks that are shaped like pieces of designer sushi. The sushi comes in a Bento box just like you would find in a real Japanese restaurant.
If wooden baby blocks are too old for your child then you might want to consider getting small plush ones like the six sold in an appliqué sold by a company called Small Frank Baby.
Do you like baby rattles that harken back to the good old days when everything was made out of hardwood. Then you will love the Baby Heirloom Rattle. This is a very simply constructed rattle that is made by a company called Maple Landmark
The rattle body is basically the shape of a doorknob and the entire rattle is covered with a type of non toxic varnish called the Clear Child Safe Finish. This is so your child can suck and bite on the rattle for free without any side effects.
The actually noise maker part of the rattle looks like a round narrow tubular cage with five bars and inside this cavity there are shiny silver round bells. These bells are small and look like the type of bells that decorate horse reins. The rattle could not be more charming in terms of having that 'rustic appeal.' It is very seventies and a bit Swedish in its design as too.
Despite its simple construction this rattle can make a lot of noise. Furthermore it is practically indestructible and is destined to be handed down through generations. It is practically a musical instrument and my kids have been known to fight over it even though they are not infants anymore.
You can buy the wooden Heirloom rattle for only eleven dollars at Made In U.S.A.. This site also sells other classic toys that older kids might also enjoy like the Original Slinky, the Poof Foam Junior Basketball and the original wooden choo choo trains. You can also get the original hardwood baby blocks with the stamped out colored letters on them at this site.