Cool Looking Baby Rocker

Seventies looking Swedish furniture is all the rage lately not only in conventional furniture design but also in baby furniture. If it is made out of teak, some kind of blonde wood or made entirely out of one piece of melded wood than it is considered to be very hip and cool. Think of the kind of furniture that Gwen Stefani or Brad Pitt would be inclined to put in their baby's room and you are on the right track.

If you looking for a rocker for your baby that is almost like a high-end piece of designer furniture that would be found in a Stanley Kubrick film then you need to look at the types of baby rockers made by a company called Bloom. You can see what they look like on a site called Gingerbread Monkeys, which has tons of photos of them in every color of wood and every color of fabric.

Architecturally these unique rockers are aerodynamic and also iconic. Even though they are kind of pricey they are real conversation pieces because they almost look like pieces of art. They are the baby rocker equivalent of the Movado watch which is collected in museums.

The company calls these dynamic baby rockers — loungers. These loungers are available many different colors. The best thing is that there is no assembly required because the Bloom Lounger is all in one piece. It looks like a big bent piece of wood and as well as designer combinations for the seat versus the rocker itself. For instance you can get a black base with a black, orange, blue or red fabric seat. The fabric is vinyl and very washable. I have heard that you can also get these in leather but I have not run across them online yet. Maybe this is the type of designer touch that is only found in Sweden or Spain.

The rocker itself is nicely polished so you can see the grain of the wood. The rocker is a U shape with a dip in it for the seat.

The seat itself comes with a five point padded safety harness and an easy to clean leatherette seat. The pads make sure that if your baby gets fussy that he or she can't hurt him or herself. The straps are nice too. They don't look all cheap – like a bungee cord holding your baby in the seat.

The price for this designer baby lounger is not very cheap. It clocks in at $250. This is to be compared to forty bucks for a cheaper, less artistic looking one that you could buy at a Walmart or Costco. However it works really well. Your baby does not have to wriggle around much before the U shaped board develops a 'wang' motion. Basically it is a sensitive instrument that can keep your baby soothed and happy for many hours.