Free Google Games for Your Kids

Google Games for Your Kids
Is it a rainy day? Have you got bored kids? I discovered that Google Games has some online fun that could keep them amused. I just plunk them in front of my computer with a keyboard after setting up the game. I have had kids as young as four years old playing these really simple colorful games that are free and are also a bit retro in feel.


Am I Lucky is one of these gadgets for Google Desktop.. The goal of the game is to check your fortune. You are given five squares. If you open green square then you get a point, if you open a red square then you get no points. If you open green squares twice that means that you are lucky. Time to make that big move or decision in life if you get two green squares twice. You probably could not devise a simpler game then this.


Remember Pong? There is a version of this antique game for Google Desktop. You simply open it and start playing . Before you know it you will be transported back to the mid seventies when these types of games first came out. The great thing is that it is so simple that you do not have to program any settings. You can start playing Pong moments after it is installed. It also doubles a very nice looking screensaver. It is very retro looking.


Another fun gadget from Google Desktop is Nibbles. It also lets you have a great deal of fun within just seconds of downloading at it. It requires no setup after you install it. The game features a snake that must keep eating red squares in order to grow in size. If it stops consuming the red squares and starts eating other squares then it dies.


Another popular Google Desktop game is called Ghostbuster. It is about ghosts chasing and eating each other. This is a very stylish look gadget, more like a screensaver.


Reflex Tester is another gadget for Google Desktop. It was invented to help test your reaction time. You can also play with a friend to see who has faster reflexes. You can arrange the gadget's menu in any convenient place on your desktop and it will always be at your fingertips. What a fun way to play hookey at work!


Another great thing is that they are so simple that you and a child can have a really great time playing them together.