Tips on Buying Bottled Water

There has been some controversy lately about buying bottled water because of plastic leeching from the bottles into the water.. First off not all bottled water can be considered to fine or premium bottle waters.

Still you and your kids have to drink water. If. Not drinking enough water often causes the feelings of illness that many people experience when they are first beginning a diet or exercise program. These symptoms can include dry itchy skin, headaches, stress, mental fogginess, weakness, sleepiness, bloating and constipation

Here are some tips on buying bottled water that is of a healthy and of a high quality because the last thing we want to do is lower the life quality for our children any more than we already have.

The first tip is 'don't believe the pictures that you see on bottled waters'. One of the biggest scams going when it comes to bottled water is for the manufacturer to package it with pictures of mountains or clear flowing crystal springs on the labels. You would think from looking at the labels on these waters that you are buying a product that is packaged right at the source. Nothing could be further than the truth. There are several very big manufacturers of bottled water that are simply reselling tap water from the Great Lakes and other sources are not that pure. In essence, what you are buying, despite that picture of the Majestic Mountain or big iceberg on the label, is simply tap water made from municipal sources.

The second tip is to never buy a bottle that has been scratched. You can often see a scratch in a bottle if you hold it up to the light. If you see a scratch it means that the product may be contaminated with chemicals from the glass or plastic leaching into the water. This is because plastic is made from layers and not all of the plastic used to manufacture a plastic bottle is that hard.

The third tip is to never buy a plastic bottle of water that a bit warped or looks like it is melted a bit. This can mean that the bottle melted a bit from heat exposure. When plastic bottles are heated up the chemicals in the plastic can leach into the water as well. This is also why you should avoid drinking bottled water that you know has been sitting in the back of a hot car trunk or in direct sunlight. It is possible that the ultraviolet rays from the sun have degraded the plastic and caused the beverage to become toxic.

The fourth tip is to always check the cap on any bottled water that you buy. If it is loose, open or appears tampered with in any way due not consume the water's content. Anything can happen in this day and age. The water could be tampered with or contaminated with bacteria. If the bottled water container appears fat or swollen this is definitely a sign that the water has gone off or is contaminated with bacteria so don't drink it!