Old Fashioned Baby Girl Names That Are Back in Style!

Still trying to figure out a name for that baby girl that is classic, soft yet also traditional.There are some very old names that fit our contemporary times and have very nice meanings as well. Here are some examples of lovely 'vintage' names for girl.

Adeline – This is an archaic English form of the name Adelaide that has the sweet nick name of Addy or Addie.

Alice – This is an old German name that means noble and it reminds us of Alice in Wonderland.

Amelia – This lovely old name is actually a variation of the name Emily but it is a bit cuter because it ends in that lilting a sound. Amelia Eerhart, the woman pilot, is a good role model for this moniker.

Clara – This old fashioned name lilts off the tongue because it ends in an A. It is soft and sweet and uncommon as well. The more serious form of the name is Claire. Clara is also the name of the little girl in the Nutcracker who helps battle the Mouse King.

Ella – This beautiful vintage name means 'fairy' and is Irish in origin. The name has a timeless elegant flair that kept on the top baby name lists all of 2011.

Hazel – This cute name is classic and means hazel nut tree. Julia Roberts named her daughter Hazel.

Genevieve – This very old fashioned German and French name which means 'white wave' was on the top 100 list of names for girls in 2011 and it is probably going to stay in the top 100 for 2012.

Naomi – This is a very ancient Hebrew name that means 'pleasant.' It is a strong sophisticated choice that has a modern feel and that is associated with talented and beautiful people of the twentieth century like Naomi Watts and Naomi Campbell.

Lillian – This name used to sound matronly and now it is becoming hipper. It means Lily flower.

Nora – This too is a name that used to be for old maids but in this century it is becoming more popular. It is the name of the main character in Dashiel Hammett's novel The Thin Man.

Olive – This Latin name means Olive tree and is a very classy name that has just landed in the 2011 Top 100 names for girls. It is the name of Isla Fisher's daughter.

Stella – This name has risen in popularity ever since it Paul McCartney named his daughter Stella. The name means 'Star in Latin. It is also the name of a character in Tennesee Williams 'Streetcar Named Desire.'