Train Your Baby to Develop a Taste for Healthy Foods

The baby that is fed the most nutritious, fresh and low-calorie foods is the one that is going to grow up to be the most healthy. There are many baby friendly foods out there but there are some that are super-powered foods.

You should consider making pureed baby food out of the following foods that qualify as being nutritional powerhouses.

Avocadoes – Puree this food with a bit of olive oil and your child will have all of the omega 3 fatty acids he or she needs to grow up very smart. They are wonderful pureed with yams, bananas or tomatoes.

Blueberries – These berries contain anthocyns which assist with the health and development of the eyes and circulatory system. They also help fight infections everywhere in the body. You can swirl ground up berries with a bit of plain yogurt for a delicious treat.

Broccoli – Cook it, grind it up and mash it. It is full of fiber, folate and calcium. A bit of parmesan or cheddar cheese blended in with it makes it ultra tasty. It also goes well with blended cooked fish like salmon.

Leafy vegetables – Leafy greens have high amounts of iron and folate. Steam greens like kale, chard and collard greens and then mix with meet or cereal to serve up a delicious but healthy mini-meal for your child.

Lentils – Lentils of all sizes and colors are good for baby. They are rich in protein and B vitamins and blend well with rice and vegetables.

Meat – Lean ground cuts of meat can be chopped up or bought ground. They are a good source of protein, B vitamins and trace minerals. One of the best ways to serve meat to a baby is with ground up vegetables and potatoes as a stew.

Squash – This yellow vegetable should be baked and then pureed. Once mashed up it has a very creamy pleasant texture. You can roast the squash first and add a bit of cheese to make it tastier. It also goes well mixed up with peas, corn, potatoes and other foods.

Sweet Potatoes – These and their yam cousins are very rich in Vitamin A and minerals and pure very nicely after they have been roasted. Sprinkle with parsley for a tasty treat.

Keep in mind that it is very important to thoroughly wash and clean vegetables before you serve them to your children to make sure they are free of pesticides.