Free Ways to Have Fun With Your Kids

With a recession on it is hard to keep taking your kids to the movies or buy them new toys. Here are some free ways that you can have fun with your kids without spending much money or any money at all!

One thing that most kids find fun is to go on a nature walk. Pick up natural items from the forest floor or the side of a stream and then when you get home create natural collages together. You can collect objects that are seasonal and make a collage about 'autumn' or collect objects near the ocean and make it about 'the seaside.' The artistic and educational options are endless and the kids learn things too.

Another way to have fun with your kids is to just go to the park and feed the ducks or squirrels. This teaches them to bond with small animals as well and to show respect for them.

You can also take your kid on a trip to clean up a local creek or park. Make them feel good about themselves by having them pick up litter. Make sure they wear gloves and explain how they are helping the environment when they do so.

If you have an overweight kid walks in the park can help take the pounds off. However nothing beats a few rounds of hula hooping to help trim that child's waste.

Older children enjoy being read to, especially if you take the time to read them some comic books.

Finger painting is a fun past-time for the younger child. On a rainy day just hand over the paper and paint and let them go wild.

One thing that kids of all ages enjoy is simply going to a park, blowing up balloons and giving them to other people who look like they need some fun or cheering up.

If your kid is a young entrepreneur set him or her up with a lemonade stand. This teaches them to cook and a bit about business. It also helps them to make a bit of money on the side to spend on a treat!

If your kid seems a little bit grumpy do some crazy things together like wear your socks on your hands and yoru mittens on your feet. Wear crazy socks and your shirts inside out. Kids today are very worried about things they should not be like money and environmental disasters. Being as playful as possible helps keep them motivated and in a good mood.

Good Feng Shui For Children

Lately I have really been into Feng Shui. I decided to study up on how this ancient art of object arrangement can affect your children. 

Creativity and children live together in the same part of your home (according to feng shui) because they share the same energies. This is an area that you will enhance to ensure yourself of many descendants as well as make sure that you will always take time out to “smell the flowers” and enjoy life’s recreational pursuits. To enhance this area you should make sure that you have lots of  metal picture frames that are used to feature photographs of your children. If your Creativity and Children sector is in your kitchen then make a point of displaying metal molds and utensils on your wall.  A display of metal cookie cutters shaped like animals is a nice touch. 

The color white equals the element of metal in feng shui. To enhance this area paint it white.  If this area is in your bathroom, augment it with white fixtures and white towels.  White dishes in the kitchen can help accomplish the same purpose. Look for furniture and everyday accessories that are round in shape such as throw rugs, coffee tables and stools.

Moving objects such as a round metal clock or a rotating fountain can also augment the energy in this sector.  If you do install an aquarium or fountain make sure it is shiny and new looking and that the water is always kept clean. Hoy is closely related to creativity and also the spirit of playing children.

The western sector or western wall of your home is the best place to put any kind of entertainment unit, the television, displays of art as well as store games, stuffed animals dolls and any kind of juvenilia. It is also the best area to store or feature items that are related to hobbies or crafts such as painting easels and sewing machines. S

ymbols of Fire and Real Fire are not favorable to children in Feng Shui. As the Eastern sectors of your house are isruled by the metal element this is not the place to put candles, a fireplace or a stove. This is because according to the Cycle of Destruction, fire destroys metal (and thus your creativity and fertility.) If you do find that your hearth or stove is placed against the Western Wall of your home then you can remedy the situation by placing a mirror above the mantelpiece or near the stove. Mirrors symbolize water in feng shui so the metaphor would be “putting out fire with the water.”  

Lately too I have been toying with many of the new room sprays that are on the market. Orange scents are supposed to enhance creativity and joy, especially when combined with vanilla.  Spraying your child's room with lavender can also help enhance peace. Lavender is also an age old remedy for getting your child to go to sleep.