Nail Polish For Little Girls

There comes a time in a mom's life when her little girl starts asking her if she can wear nail polish. Should you say yes?

Unfortunately nail polish and nail removers that are made for adults contain all kinds of toxins and poisons that can kill a child. Furthermore many adult colors are too bright and too strong for little kids to wear. A little girl wearing burgundy Yves St. Laurent nail polish just looks like prey for a pedophile.

Thankfully there are a couple of companies that specifically make nail polish for youngsters. One brand that does this is AllyKats. This is a non-toxic nail polish that peels easily off the fingers. This peeling off perk not only gives a bored kid something to do it also means that you do not have to use any kind of nail polish remover at all.

Allykats nail polish is also water-based and it does not small. The colors are great too. They come in a flesh pink, a light rose pink, a candy red, purple, red and turquoise. The cute little bottles have a pic of a cat and are both star shaped and heart shaped. The company also sells frosts, glosses and shimmers that can change the appearance of the nails as well.

Another safe odorless polish brand for kids is called Piggy Paint. It is all a water based formula that is non-toxic, odorless and that does not smell. It dries to a hard, durable finish and is free of all of the usual crap that causes cancer and that you typically find in adult nail polishes such as formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, ethyl acetate and acetone. Furthermore there is no odor to these polishes which can aggravate asthma and other illnesses in children.

Other companies that make similar nail polishes for children are Snails Nail Polish, Refreshingly Free, Polished Mama, Little Bu (for sweetly sophisticated girls) and Fancy Polish (for delicate fingers or toes.) Snails, Little Bu and Polished Mama can all simply be washed up with some water and a bit of scrubbing. No nail polish remover required!

Some of the colors are so nice you will want to wear them yourself. Even better you might start wearing them yourself in order to avoid absorbing the toxins typically in adult nail polishes and nail polish removers. That way your daughter will have you around for a long time.