Beware of Toxic T Shirts

I have been reading all about how your T-Shirt could be toxic! We are talking about those inexpensive T-Shirts that are made out of a polyester blend. I buy these types of T-shirts for my kids to wear all of the time but apparently I might as well hand them a dose of Cancer on a platter. Some of these cheaper polyester t-shirts and polyester blends are so toxic they actually give off fumes.
I now feel like a villain for making my kids wear polyester t-shirts. First of all the manufacturing of this fabiric is really bad for the environment. The material is made from refined petroleum that is instantaneously super heated at 800 degrees Celsius. The fabric is created when a heavy metal such as antimony is added to the mix so that the resulting ethylene turns into goo. The goo that is left over is cooled and becomes fabric. This is what we are wearing against our skin when we wear polyester. It is a creation of heavy metals and petroleum. Do you really want your child's sensitive skin in contact with these types of toxins. They are horribly carcinogenic.
The scary thing about this is that if you sweat you might be leaching out these chemicals into your skin. You might want to think twice before you consider working out in a T-shirt because a Danish study found that as much as ten percent of the chemicals found in a polyester t-shirt might possibly end up on your skin. Just think of how hard yo8ur kids play sometimes. They break into sweats just like we do. They also get caught in the rain. If you wear polyester t-shirts while they are wet you are more likely to leech toxins out toxins onto the skin.
Printed T-shirts are equally toxic. Discharged print ink can also degrade and be absorbed by the skin over time. That is why it is not a good idea to sleep in a polyester or printed ink T-shirt if you can help it.
Natural organic cotton T-shirts are much better choices both for day and night wear. These do not necessarily have to be more expensive. The key is to shop carefully online and look for items that are made out of 100% cotton.
If you want your children to wear the absolutely healthiest clothes possible then you should have them wear unbleached cotton. Stay away from clothes that are dyed.
Another tip is to launder every single item of clothing that you buy for a kid before you have them wear it the first time. This is because you do not know what kind of preservatives, fire guards or other chemicals that have been put on the T-Shirt to protect it.
Some studies have found that chemical bug sprays have been added to shipments of T-shirts from Asia to keep insects like weevils or mothballs off oaf the merchandise.