Yoga for Pregnant People

Should you do Yoga while you are pregnant?  Absolutely. Pregnancy Yoga is a great way to prepare yourself for birth. This physical regimen, which includes a lot of breathing rituals helps ground you both physically and psychologically so that you have a less stressful birth.  It can help calm you so you have a peaceful and happy pregnancy. Yoga can also help with such symptoms of pregnancy as sore feet, aching back, morning sickness and shortness of breath. Also yoga is a known cure for anxiety so it may help any nervousness that you might be experiencing about giving birth.   There are special yoga programs for pregnant women and these are called prenatal Yoga. You can probably find announcements for when this type of Yoga is taught at your local YWMCA.  These classes are deliberately designed to be gentle for you. Prenatal yoga is considered to be generally harmless but when you are pregnant you should first consult with your doctor. Your pre natal yoga instructor will also be able to tell you quite a bit about the specific risks that come with doing yoga while pregnant but your doctor is the ultimate expert when it comes to informing you about the health of your baby and your body. The main issue when it comes to yoga for expectant mothers is that is a risk for babies that are not in the right position in the womb by the third trimester. In that situation it is wiser not to practice prenatal yoga. Consulting with your physician should reveal whether or not your baby is in the proper position in your womb or not. Most doctors however will perceive prenatal  yoga as being a safe and healthy way to prepare your muscles for giving birth. Many of these ancient yoga postures have been specifically developed throughout the ages to strengthen the back and stomach muscles of the mother. As pregnancy yoga also helps the mother strengthen and align her spine she will suffer less from the backaches that develop as the result of extra pregnancy body weight and having to carry a child. The mental and meditative components of doing yoga might also allay the anxiety and pain associated with labor. Yoga also significantly increases one's stamina and patience in general which is a good thing while lying in a hospital waiting to give birth.  Another physical benefit is improved circulation to the entire body (including the umbilical cord!), which helps keeps the baby healthy. There are also many social benefits to joining a prenatal yoga group. It offers you a chance to socialize with other mothers to be and develop a support group.  Also the fact that every single other person working out is as round as you means that you don't have to be embarrassed about your body in the same way as you might be working out in a fashion conscious gym.  In a nutshell, joining a prenatal class is a great way to bond with other mothers and make friends!