Why Cooking With You Is Good For Kids

According to a show I watched on ABC ( the Dish Network) recently about cooking with your kids there is a lot more to it than just teaching them a life skill that they can use the rest of their lives. There are also many other benefits.

Learning to cook with me could increase a kid's vocabulary in general. They learn more exotic terms like baste or agitate or steam. They also learn a fair amount of math especially when it comes to using the measuring cups and measuring spoons. Studies have been done at Harvard that also prove that parents that who have a little bit of dinner conversation with their children tend to raise kids who are smarter and have larger vocabularies.

Letting your kid cook with you makes he or she feel trusted and like you know that they can achieve great things. Cooking is confidence building. They feel the sense of accomplishment and feel like they are contributing to the family. Furthermore it is a chance during a very busy day to spend quality time with your kids. It is important to view them as help in the kitchen and not as a liability so this can work. Remember it is key to teach your kid the value of teamwork and the joys of giving and sharing.

By doing this and sitting down together for a meal you train your kids not to eat in front of the television. Kids that don't eat in front of the boob tube have more respect for their bodies, as they are more aware of what they are putting into it.

Another good aspect is that if you make an agreement with yourself to cook with your kids more you will find yourself spending less time with them in restaurants. Making your own junk food is also cheaper and economical.

Nutritionally eating and cooking with your kids is also superior, as you are not generally eating junk food while you are cooking. Usually home cooked meals are low in calories and fat. By feeding them at home you are also teaching your kid to have a discerning food palate and crave more than one kind of food. They also become more manually dexterous and are more likely to be able to be trusted with a cooking implement like a knife when you are not around as they have had some practice using it.

Educationally kids can use organizational and creative talents while cooking. Decorating a cake or making a pizza usually involves a bit of a visual sense or the food will look unattractive. Kids also become more sensual as adults as they learn an appreciation and respect for food through its sounds, smells, tastes and textures.

Baby Shower Crafts and Favors

Baby shower crafts are fun to make and usually tied somehow to the theme of the party, which can be anything from storks to ducks to stars to teddy bears. Before deciding on what kind of baby shower crafts you would like to ask guests to bring to the party, decide on a theme and a color scheme for the event. If you are on a budget, at the very least decorate the party area with a banner that welcomes the mom. Featuring her picture in a prominent place is also a complimentary and flattering practice that makes her feel loved and appreciated by her friends.

Baby shower crafts are well suited to beading projects. A unique way to identify guests at a party would be to create baby necklaces, similar to the kind that is worn by babies at the hospital. These kinds of beads, which have letters on them, can be purchased at a supply store. The idea is that the necklace boasts the name of the guest and is worn during the party. Baby beads can be purchased at most bead and craft supply stores. Sometimes you can also get beads that are shaped like small toy building blocks. These building block beads suit showers that have an “ABC” or alphabet theme.

You can also make your own shower favors. The easiest party favors are constructed out of blue or pink tulle or netting that is filled with tiny baby bottles, Hershey’s kisses, safety pins hung with good luck charms or other kinds of candies. Gummy bears tied with a pink or blue net make a nice party favor for guests to take home. Gummy bears can also be used to decorate a cake. A more elaborate baby shower craft that makes a great take home gift is an image of a teddy bear that has been inserted inside a plastic snow-shaker ornament. These empty snow-shaker ornaments can be purchased at craft stores.)

Star shaped glitter can be sprinkled inside the invitation envelopes and also sprinkled around candles and flower arrangements for a star themed shower. Stars constructed out of aluminum foil can strung from ceiling fixtures and white twinkling Christmas lights can be used to enhance the celestial effect. The color scheme of this shower is usually silver and blue baby shower crafts

This wonderful idea for a baby shower craft is a group activity. It is not for the shy mom as it involves her lying on the floor, while her friends make a plaster cast of her pregnant tummy. The guests mingle and chow down while the plaster cast dries and before they leave they inscribe their good wishes for the mommy and the baby on the resulting sculpture. This party baby shower craft not only makes a hilarious video, but also leaves mom with a keepsake she can treasure for decades.