Incredible High End Gifts for Girls

Despite the state of the world there is plenty of evidence in high end stores and online that we still like to spoil our little girls. For instance did you know there is now a category of art sales for children known as canvas art for girls? These are not the usual posters that hang on the walls. These are paintings in stretchers meant to enhance the room of your special princess. Pop art is popular in this category and you will find all kinds of images of large psychedelic flowers so that your child has something to meditate on. Large pink abstract pictures of ballerinas, ballerina slippers and tiaras are also available to decorate the perfect little girl's room. Stylized pictures, done in the French illustrative style with lots of curlicues and swirly writing of fairies, flowers and scenes from the lives of storybook princess are also very popular.

High end bedrooms for girls should also have lots of mirrors. There are many pretty styles available including ones that are topped with tiara and crown designs done in jewels and crystals. You can also get heart shaped styles with pink glittering pave rims. Many of these designer mirrors will run you between $400 and $1000 which is a reflection of just how pampered rich kids in 'the 1%' can be nowadays.

Bedding for little girls can also be insanely expensive and luxurious. The company Addison, which is famous for it's floral tea sets (and tea sets for kids) makes floral patterned luxury curtains, headboards, cornice drapes and bed canopies that retail for thousands of dollars. However these products are exception and done in beautiful greens, yellows, oranges and pinks and have fantastic graphics of flora and fauna on them.

Little girls (and boys for that matter) can also now eat from high chairs that look like they came from the palace of Louis XIV in France. There are ornate styles with round backs, leopard print fabrics and expensive wood trimmings. Some of these high chairs are ornate, white and made out of imitation ivory. They also retail for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per design.

Little girls can also now take personalized totes and lunch boxes with their names engraved on them. You can also buy lots of other kinds of bling for little girls including pink fluffy tutus, skirts made out of satin roses and t-shirts emblazoned with rhinestones.

Growing Kitchen Herbs With Your Kid

If you want a fun project to do with your kids try planting herbs. Not only does a herb garden connect kids with nature it gives them an education in the culinary arts (if you explain what the various herbs are good for.)

Best of all, an herb garden requires little investment in time or money. You can grow herbs from seed with your kids, or purchase 'plugs' which are small bedding plants. The miracle of watching a seed turn into a plant is very exciting for kids.

Keeping the garden organic is ecologically good for kids as well. Don't use fertilizers, sprays or chemicals. Little ones can pick and much on herbs as they like.

A great kid-friendly herb is basil. Look for seeds that are guaranteed to be fusarium free. You can make pesto all summer out of the basil. All you have to do is mulch the herb into a paste in your food processor.

Chives are also a wonderful herb to plant. Plant them once and they will grow back year after year. Chives are great in tuna sandwiches and omelets.

Mint grows fast and like a weed. It is a great choice for a window box. You can make tea out of it. Keep in mind that once you start growing mint it is going to grow in your yard forever. The same goes for lemon balm.

Oregano is another invasive herb that is easy to grow. It is great in spaghetti and other sauces. It also has a lovely scent.

Thyme is also a great herb to grow because it is so decorative. It twines around rocks and arbors easily and can actually grow quite tall.

Other great herbs for growing in a garden with your kids are –

Dill – Great in everything including eggs, dips and salads

Tarragon – Tastes like licorice and great on fish

Sage – This is nice on a pasta with cream sauce

Parsley – They can nibble on it raw and it goes great with everything including salmon, salads and pasta

Chervil – This is a lovely delicate version of parsley with lovely little white flowers

Rosemary – This goes great with lamb or sprinkled on potatoes

Coriander – This is great in salads and also on steaks

Savory – This is an acquired taste but it does go great on meat.

Putting together a herb garden is a great project that the entire family can do together!