How to Make a Money Tree

Making a money tree is usually done at Christmas but you can actually do it any time of the year. All you need to do is find an old tree branch which looks like the body of a small tree. Then all you need to do is pin fake or real money to it with clothespins or some other type of pin. Some people use fish hooks or threads or chains to hang the money off of the tree. Even tape will do.

The idea is that that tree branches are bare but the money that is attached symbolizes the leaves. A variation of this is to use evergreen branches or a small Christmas tree as the foundation for the tree. All evergreens are natural prosperity symbols. Juniper brings material wealth. Pine brings good health and wealth. Spruce brings wealth though family connections.

If you are using tree branches the different woods you choose might also have some connotations for you. Willow tree branches can help alleviate sorrow and help pay for medical expenses. Money tree branches made from willow trees might also help a widow find a new husband.

Money trees made from oak branches bode financial strength and immunity to bad financial trends. They can very much be about being sturdy and having stamina during tough economic times. Oaks are big strong trees that put firm roots into the ground so they symbolize financial strength. Hanging a few acorns on this type of tree is also a good idea.

Maple trees are about the free flowing circulation of money and excellent for attracting business or trying to manifest and make a goal about how much money you would like a new business to make for you.

The principle of manifestation with this type of ritual is that whatever you put on the tree in terms of real or fake money will then multiply ten times. This is why it is a good idea to add as many money 'leaves' as possible. It is also not a bad idea to add coins. Foreign coins, fake coins and real coins work well. You can also decorate the tree with foil covered chocolate coins which symbolize the money coming to you in and easy and sweet way.

The idea is that whatever you attach to the tree is worth ten times as much. For instance if you attach a five dollar bill it is actually worth five hundred bucks. And of course if you don't have any money you can use any kind of fake money. It is perfectly acceptable to use Monopoly money. If you don't even have a set of Monopoly money around you can write the amounts that you need on little slips of paper. The paper can be green or you can write the amount that you need in green paint or marker.

As with all rituals like this remember that they only work as well as the intention that you put into it so be sure to put your heart and soul into making your money tree.

Shower Cash for New Moms

The baby shower is a great venue for which to solicit funds for a new mom.
Sometimes the mother-to-be is strapped for cash, in which case you can set up a donation station at the event.

There are several fun ways to set up a donation station that is fun and makes people smile as they hand over their dollars or their checks.

One suggestion would be to create a Money Tree. This is a branch or small coniferous tree that is set up near the doorway. As guests leave or come in, they are encouraged to attach paper money to the tree with clothespins. You can also provide small envelopes for them to put cash in and hang on the tree if that is preferable.

Your could also try stringing a Money Clothesline across one of the main rooms. Guests are encouraged to attach paper money with regular clothespins so that it dangles like laundry. You can also supply a pen so they can write messages of good will to the mom on the money.

A traditional bank for the new mom at a shower is the paper pail. T he pail is clearly labeled as Mommy Fund and guests are encouraged to step on the pedal and drop money in the bucket.

Another tradition is to take money is collected from guests by an appointed friend and gathered into a diaper, pinned and presented to the mother

Baby Bulletin Board – A bulletin board is set up with a picture of the mother along with a sign that encourages guests to pin money to the bulletin board

You could also try making a Money Daisy-.Cut a circle of cardboard (with a picture of the mother in the center if you like) and decorate the fringes with dollar bills. Encourage others to make the daisy “bloom”

More discreet methods of collecting money for the expectant mother include:
Buying a teddy bear or other stuffed toy that zips up and asking people to stuff it with paper bills or doing the same with a beautiful cushion and calling it The Financial Cushion.

One way to really surprise a new mom is to collect the money in an envelope and tucking it under her pillow in her hose or in her purse for her to discover later.

Opening a bank account in the mother’s name and then handing her the account book at the end of the party might also be a very charming idea. Package the bank book in a card or wrap it up to make this more of a ceremonial gesture.

At any rate this is certainly a gesture that would be appreciated by any new mother unless they are quite independently wealthy.