Crazy Celebrity Baby Names

Are you wondering what to name that baby that you have on the way. If so you are probably going to get a kick out of what celebrities are naming their kids lately.

For instance there is a real trend to name your babies after food. Good examples are Apple (Gwyeth Paltrow and Christ Martin's girl), Coco (Courtney Cox and David Arquette's daughter), Peaches oney Blossom (Bob Geldoff and Paula Yate's daughter) and Diva Thin Muffin (Frank and Gail Zappa's daughter.)

It is also trendy to name your kid after spices. Saffron Sahara (the offspring of Simon LeBon and Yasmin Parvena) is a good example as is Thyme (the daughter of Isaia and Jenisa Marie Washington.)
There are also quite a few celebrity children that are named after things that you see at the mall. One of the funniest is Blanket (the child Michael Jackson), Camera (the child of Arthur and Jeanne Ashe), Denim Cole (the son of Toni Braxton) and Satchel (the name of Woody Allen's son and the son of Spike and Tonya Lee.)

There are a couple of celebrities out there that also named their kids after popular brands. Val and Joanne Kilmer named their daughter Mercades. Larry King has a son named Cannon. Kenny and Tami Anderson have a child named Lyric Chanel.

Many celebrities are naming their kids after big cities. Kingston is the son of Gwen Stefani and Brooklyn is the son of David and Victorian Beckham. Bono called his kid Memphis Eve and director Ron Howard called his Bryce Dallace. Ashlee Simpson's kid is named Bronx Mowgli and Joey Lawrence has a daughter named Charlston. Kurt Russell's child is named Boston and Michael Jackson's second daughter is called Paris! Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger went one step better and named their daughter after a country –Ireland!

There are also a lot of nature's kids out there including Ocean (the child of Forest Whitaker) and Snow (the daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston.) Vanilla Ice called his kids Dusti Rain and Keelee Breeze.

When in doubt you can also quit simply name your kid after a color. Cher and Greg Allman were well known for naming their kid Elijah Blue. Ella Blue is the kid of John Travolta and Nico Blue is the child of Lisa Sinha. Bluebell Madonna is the name of Geri Halliwell's girl and Fuschia is the name of Sting's daughter. Ione Skye called her girl Goldie Priya.