Schools for Indigo Children

It is no secret that those with Indigo children traits have trouble navigating their way through the traditional educational system. This has been a problem since the mid seventies when these children started appearing in droves. A lot of them had their creativity stifled. Many were given medication instead of having their problems understood. Many young lives spun out of control and into addictive behaviors, as is often the case when intuitive are disconnected from the sources of their light and inspiration by society.

The question is – should you keep your indigo kid in a public school? Keep in mind that nowadays things are not as bad for Indigo kids as they were in the seventies and eighties. More teachers are aware that they are around and there is also awareness that these children cannot all be diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. The hyperactivity, creativity and aggression displayed by these kids when their potential is not recognized are being addressed in some public schools with new programs. These children are becoming more of a strain on the regular school system and more alternative schools are starting to exist to deal with these brilliant, angry children. It is also important to note that not all public schools are bad for indigo children. Many exist out there that do have sophisticated ways of dealing with children that do not seem to fit in. Of course these schools are located in richer areas of the world. The Indigo child that is trapped in a ghetto is often a very angry child as these children were born to effect change and the child can see no way out or making the world better as destined.

The most popular method of educating Indigo kids is home schooling. There are many different types of home schooling available but one of the most popular is called Enki Education, which concentrates a multi-cultural and artistic approach to learning. The idea here is to cater to the fact that these kids are more visual than verbal or literary and develop that Indigo trait as a strength that they can use in life.

A similar system is called the Waldorf School. In some communities Waldorf methods can only be home schooled and in others there are entire facilities available that are run by communities of parents who just don't want to see their kids in the traditional public or private school systems.

As indigo kids qualify as advanced learners you might also want to consult AERO which is an acronym for The Alternative Education Resource Organization. This was founded in 1989 by Jerry Mintz who was an educational expert interested in provided parents of gifted children with different modalities and types of education.

AERO provides information, resources and guidance to families, schools and organizations regarding choices. The organization also specializes in topics such as home schooling, public and private alternative schools, and charter schools.

Why Crash Diets Won’t Work

Is your kid's bedwetting caused by ADD? As many children with ADD do suffer from sleep disorders, it is common for them to suffer from bed-wetting, also known as enurosis. Some of them sleep very deeply and may have difficulty waking up to go to the bathroom when their bladder is full. As most children with ADHD have difficulty with discipline and organization in the first place they may be less responsive to behavioral interventions. Disciplining an ADD bedwetter may make him wet the bed more which is definitely the case with my bedwetting nine year old.

Children who suffer from ADD, feel ashamed for many reasons in the first place so you should never shame them more by striking them or being harsh with them. Bedwetters and especially ADD bedwetters can't control themselves at all. This is the result of constant criticism and rejection from their peers. Some of them just may accept the bed-wetting as one more thing in their life that cannot be changed or controlled and not make the effort to change the situation.

Bedwetting is thought to be more common in boys than girls. At age five bedwetting affects 7% of boys and 3% of girls. By age ten, it affects 3% of boys and 2% of girls. By adolescence, 1% of ADD sufferers still suffer from bed-wetting

Doctors do not know an exact cause of nighttime bedwetting (also called enuresis) in ADD afflicted children, except that the area of the brain that controls impulses seems to be under active.

Enuresis may occur on its own in normal and ADD afflicted children because of slow neurological development, a small bladder and a tendency to produce too much urine at night. It has also been attributed to anxiety, a sudden change in routine and emotional trauma. Kids that have been shocked in some way bed wet more. Kids that move to a new school will also wet the bed. Even seeing a scary movie can cause it.

Before you jump to conclusions you should realize this first. A very small percentage of children might experience bed-wetting as the result of such physical problems as bladder infections, kidney infections, chronic nephritis, diabetes mellitus, lower spinal cord problems and congenital malformations of the urinary tract. Bedwetting is also associated with enlarged tonsils or adenoids. Get your kid checked out by a good doctor if you suspect it has a physical cause.

If your kid is a bedwetter get some help or medication for him or her. This can last into adult hood for whatever reason and cause your child years of humiliation. Make sure there is not something you can do for some of her to treat this type of symptom, which may or may not be a sign that your kid has ADD. Sadly, adults with ADD will wet the bed their entire life and there is very little they can do about it as they have no control over the part of the brain that controls urges.